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It would be helpful to be able to download all files in 1 particular folder -- instead of having to download each individual file within a folder. For example, we have a "Design" folder with 15 images/files saved in there -- if we want them downloaded to our desktop, we have to click on each file -- we'd like to be able to download a selected folder.

DJRobbins 1 year ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by Karthik Hemmanur 1 year ago 1

Allow the shortcut menu with the big red circle/button on the bottom left of screen to be moved around so that it doesn't cover up and hide verbiage. This is especially important when trying to view File names.


Hello, i have a simple idea that would benefit international users without their native language yet supported by this application.

We here in Poland use 24-hour system. There is no Polish language to choose from, but that's quite alright since most of us know English. But the dates are driving us mad, seeing for example 6.23pm is quite counter-intuitive for us, since we are not used at all to this format and it takes just a second figure it out.

It would be just great if there was an option to keep English language and switch to 24-h format in dates.

Anyway good job with this product, keep it up!

nlobomoreira 3 months ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by RyanC 3 months ago 1

it's the language you're missing.

You even have it in german and french...

If you haven't noticed, its the 6th most spoken language, with a potential market of more than 200 million people, in front of the german, with just 75 million (11th) and the french with 75 million(16th).

And no... Portuguese native language speakers don't speak spanish... It's the same than saying an english understands and speaks german, because of their saxonic origin.

Tom Hartley 12 months ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by chris 3 weeks ago 1

It would be nice to be able to import my parent task field along with the tasks themselves.

Dotan Cohen 1 year ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by deweerdts 2 months ago 1

Please consider adding the relevant Project to the Subject line or From name of Redbooth emails. My organization has developers assigned to a dozen projects at once, it is impossible to do anything productive with the emails without knowing to which project the belong.


Especially important for client-facing customers

dmesgard 5 months ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- 0

Hi ! It would be great to have a feature when we each member of a project could submit an expense and manage a global budget per project.

Thank you

asoyland 6 months ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- 0

Some of my colleagues do not keep on top of their dashboard and depend upon email notifications. These are currently limited to either assigned tasks or "everything", which may be too narrow or too broad a scope.

An option in https://redbooth.com/a/#!/settings/email to receive email notifications for any conversation or task wherein the person is @mentioned would therefore be useful.


Currently, the system-wide default view when entering a Workspace is that the workspace is shown in Task Column View. In Task Column View, the task lists are shown side-by-side in columns and to examine the detail you click on a task and a popup window lets you access the task detail and conversation.

You can switch to Task List View by click on a icon at the far right side of the workspace toolbar, which shows a two-pane view, with the task lists on the left and a task detail for the currently selected task on the right.

I am requesting a preference setting for both the web and tablet versions of Redbooth to set the default for a given user to Task List View instead of the system-wide existing default of Task Columns View.