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Minimized screen friendly

Kelly Parr 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar 0

I used my Redbooth in a minimized screen because I am either working from two window screens or I am using VPN connection to my computer. All features should function in the minimized screen the same way they would if the screen were maximized. For example: When selecting a month for the due date, the month is not visible to select from a minimized screen.


Confirm that task was finished successfully

Vladi 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

A very common need when working in a team is to confirm that the task was actually finished.

A common scenario:

a task set for a developer to finish something. The developer finished it and submits the work to be checked by someone else.

That someone else (a manager or the QA guy) will need to confirm that the task is actually finished.

Right now if the developer will mark it as finished, the ask will disappear from the list, so no one will know that it has to be checked.

Yes yes, we can use tags or assign it to a fake user called "TASK COMPLETED" or just check in the notification. But all these are not really good workarounds.


Color Code Dependency Lines

torih 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated 2 years ago 0

When you connect dependencies, can you highlight the connection between certain projects. I have different projects running at the same time, it's hard to tell between dependencies. Need a feature to highlight different color for selected dependencies when you click on a line connecting dependencies, not just when you hover.


Document Editing

jamila42 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

Desperately need the ability for multiple users to share and work on a document in redbooth! This would make redbooth the ultimate tool for planning and management without have too many tools but a one stop shop.


General inbox for "brain dumps"

andrew 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

Many GTD-focused to-do list applications support a general inbox (not associated with any project) where you can quickly dump your tasks. It would be great to have one of these where we could:

- Clip site bookmarks into the inbox

- Quickly create a task (without worrying about all the task details yet) and by default, it dropped in this inbox

- OSX keyboard shortcut to add task to inbox

- Email to general inbox

- SMS to general inbox

- Other ways to dump things into this inbox

The nice thing about having this general inbox is it provides the ability to quickly "brain dump" without worrying about all the task details. Later, at a convenient time (say, after a meeting), I can revisit my inbox and schedule/assign/organize as needed.



Alex K 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Search 0

Search like in evernote where you can search everything (or eliminate certain things) from one location. Although the filter is useful, not being able to search for tasks as well as task lists, as well as conversations, as well as comments within tasks from any one location is limiting. You can tick off which things you don't need in the search but an Omni Search feature would be very helpful as the amount of workspaces grow, sometimes it is a challenge to find where a particular task is.


Add a notification for remaining team when someone has left a task.

Haydée Santana 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

Sometimes a task no longer seems relevant to an individual who has been included and that individual leaves the tasks. It would be helpful if a notification appeared in the task for the remaining team, so they're aware the person who has left is no longer receiving notifications.


Do not use relative dates in email

Often tasks are assigned to people at the end of the work day, and the assignee reads his mail regarding the tasks the next morning. This results in the situation where the assignee is receiving a task marked Due Tomorrow when it is in fact due on that day. Therefore, I suggest not using relative dates in email, which is liable to be read at a time later than when it was sent.

There is no Email category, so I am filing under -No Category-.


Issue with code block

JBQ 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

There's an annoying issue with code block. I usually put a stacktrace (or traceback) in the task description, indented with 4 spaces to comply with the styling instructions.

However this is not satisfactory because I have to paste the code block to an editor, set indentation to 4 spaces, indent, then copy/paste to Redbooth to have this to work.

Also, even with 4 spaces indentation, the code block does not render correctly when there are long lines, see the screenshot below:

Images intégrées 1

I tried another formatting option which is the standard Markdown code block with triple backticks. However this does not render correctly either, the newlines are ignored:

Images intégrées 2

Last option was to use Markdown code format with a single backtick. This renders as an oversized horizontal box:

Images intégrées 3

As you can see none if these options are satisfactory to use the code block feature. None of the three options render correctly in the browser.

Using the standard code block formatting with 4 spaces is not handy because I have to use an intermediate editor to indent the whole code block.


Templates en español

Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task List Templates • updated 9 months ago 1

Muchos usuarios trabajan en español (España y Latino América) por lo cual sería de gran utilidad que las templates estuvieren en español.