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Add Subtasks to Task List Templates

TheMattyMiller 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task List Templates • updated by Maxime 4 months ago 4

We really need to add subtasks to our Task list templates. Currently we include our subtask in the description area then transfer them into subs manually. This is time consuming and can be avoided if you add in subtasks in task list temlates

anonymous 2 years ago

Thanks Daniel and Matty. We did introduce this feature recently. Hope you like it!


Workspace Backgrounds

Customizing workspace backgrounds would be really nice. (Images and colors.) Behold the awesome:


Search URL on tasks to change to task identifier

Ben BMC 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

When using search for a task, the search function works great.

The issue however, when clicking the task from a list when compiling the search and editing that task means the URL stores the actual search.

When a team member is given that URL, there is confusion as they are told to complete the task and instead are given a search list.

If the SINGLE task can be given a custom URL, this would be excellent and save confusion.



Kathryn Way 2 years ago in Feature Requests • updated by Irwin Kwan 1 year ago 1

It would be extremely awesome to have the ability to mark something with a thumbs up or another emoji. That way, the item could be marked as read without having to respond with a separate post that just says the same thing ("okay, looks good"), which would email/alert everyone on the task (annoying!).

anonymous 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback Kathryn. Redbooth already has Emoji in our comments. You just have to use markdown to access them.

Here's a quick video of me giving a thumbs up to a task:

And, you can get a list of the Emoji codes here: http://www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com/


Ability to archive tasks or projects not just the whole workspace.

Emily Dingee 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

Sometimes we have parts of projects that can be archived but not the whole thing. It would also be nice to have an "auto-archive" option that would allow any resolved tickets to archive after 30 days.


Add capability to reorder CONVERSATIONS

Gary 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by Gary Morgan 2 years ago 2

With many Conversations ongoing at one time, it would help to either be able to reorder them manually or to have them automatically reorder based on the date of the last comment.


Task list dates show on iCal as a block of time. This will help us see which projects are overlapping dates.

Casey C. 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar 0

"ULL Install" is a task list on redbooth with multiple tasks in it. I had to use iCal events "all day event" to show this large blocked out time for the installation. It will be useful to have dates set on task list automate to iCal as blocked out as "all day". This will help coordinate installations for us if there are multiple installations on the same week.


Shortened URLS to web graphics should still generate live (thumbnail) previews (please!)

DGaian 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

David Gaian

Feb 10, 10:10

Browser: Chrome 48
Release version:
Guys, still working on a fix for this???


Get back the old image attachment system

Nomentsoa Andrian. 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Attachments • updated by Irwin Kwan 2 years ago 1


Is there a way to get back the old image attachment system ? Let me explain: actually, you attach an image to a comment by drag'n drop, it will be displayed at the bottom of it then (ie. paragraph-paragraph-paragraph-image-image...).

We miss the functionnality where you can put (upload) an image somewhere inside of our comments (like paragraph-image-paragraph-image-paragraph...)


Irwin Kwan 2 years ago

Hi Nomentsoa,

Unfortunately, comment attachments uploaded to Redbooth will always appear at the end of a comment.

However, if you use a third-party file storage provider (such as Dropbox), Redbooth will be able to render image URL links inline if it is included in the comments so that you can have a paragraph-image-paragraph-image-paragraph structure in your comments.

Thanks for being a Redbooth customer!


Announce what changed with updates / new version release and keyboard shortcuts

Daniel Hurd 2 years ago in Feature Requests • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 2

At times I will see "New version, refresh to get it" or something like that. But, I don't know what actually got updated? I'm sure most of it is just security updates or small tweaks here and there, but even that would be helpful.

I thought of this because someone else on here posted on idea to allow subtask creation in task list templates. Y'all already have this feature - but there wasn't an official announcement (at least that our team recalls or that this other person saw) sharing this update. We accidentally stumbled upon it when altering one of our task list templates. Otherwise we would not have known! Thanks for hearing us out on this and we'd love to see it implemented.

Additionally, it would be great if there was a list of keyboard shortcuts showing users how to best navigate Redbooth. For instance, we (again) accidentally found out that you can copy/paste a big list into one subtask in a task list, and for each new line there will be another subtask created (big time saver for us). Or, if you're viewing a workspace horizontally and want to side scroll you just press SHIFT + Mouse Scroll. Since we stumbled upon these incidentally I am quite sure there are a couple other tips and tricks that we're missing out on.


anonymous 2 years ago

Daniel, thanks for the feedback! We update Redbooth weekly, and when we do, we post an update here: https://redbooth.com/help/board_announcement/

We're looking at incorporating these updates into the app itself in the future.

Thanks for using Redbooth!