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Default Account Setting: PRIVATE or PUBLIC

Nixaccount 9 months ago in General Feedback 0

Currently the RB account settings auto default to PUBLIC for all created Workspaces, Master Task Lists, Primary Tasks (sub-tasks follow lead of Primary Task I assume).

Providing the option for a DEFAULT setting choice that would simply make all NEW Workspaces Private and/or all NEW Master Task Lists Private and/or all NEW Primary Tasks Private would be an excellent feature. If given the flexibility to simply create setting continuation for a specific Workspace or a specific Master Task List, that would be great. (setting continuation: Meaning, if I make a specific Workspace Private, then the setting for all Master Task Lists and Tasks added would fall in line with the same Private or Public setting for newly created items.


Please have a space to put more permanent information like budgets, project-at-a-glance, etc.

Jordan Quackenbush 9 months ago in General Feedback • updated by Kristyn Norris 2 weeks ago 8

We need a way to keep information "stickied." Things like budget, project scope and core information, etc.

Tasks and Conversations are too fluid for this.
Am I missing a place for this? I don't want to have to type out a text file, then upload it every time I need to post this information. We're currently on Basecamp and strongly considering changing to Redbooth, but this is a major need for us.


Create Fully Functional iOS App

SBarr 9 months ago in General Feedback • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago 9

We use Redbooth in our organization and have a number of both laptop users (Mac and Windows) and also iOS devices (some people use iPad Pro 95% of the time for everything and no longer use desktops or laptops). The current iOS Redbooth app is very limited and has limited function. An iOS version that is identical to the desktop version would be tremendous. Right now, we cannot use the Redbooth iOS app and use the browser version in Safari

Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago

Hi everyone,

All the items mentioned in this topic has been added back to the iOS app, including:  conversation updates, add/view attachments, create new task lists, adding followers to tasks.

A few things still to be included include: multiple assignees on tasks

One item that was not available on iOS and still not available: adding new users to account, we will continue to omit from iOS for now.

Also, I just want to comment on a few of the entries here from some passionate users:  While we appreciate your enthusiasm for Redbooth and its functionality, it doesn't help feature development to create aggressive posts that are also quite vague.  When we reach out to you for further clarification and you ignore those requests, it also doesn't help development of those features.

We're sorry to lose such great Redbooth fans over missing features. We hope that doesn't stop the conversation for others who are more polite in their forum etiquette, and actually use this for what it is... a forum. 




Freelancer / Single user billing plan.

Andrej 2 years ago in General Feedback 0

I am using Redbooth from the times it was TeamBox and I use it to organize my freelancing tasks and my personal dev. project tasks. I love this tool but it's totally not worth it to spend 300$ just to have a gantt charts which I am missing so hard. I totally understand that you don't want companies to be running on the free plan but there is also a lot of small teams even smaller than 5 people that would like to use your great tool. Make a freelancer billing plan and I will buy it for sure. I need more projects more workspaces and timeline feature. I would pay up to 100$ for it right now. Now I am forced to use another gantt chart tool, disconnected from my tasks (which is actually free plan too).


Bulletin Board

Jarrett 2 years ago in General Feedback • updated by Heather 4 weeks ago 2

A bulletin board with on the Home Page/Landing Page with company info, pics or updates at a glance. This should be a static page, changed only by the Administrator. Maybe it already exists?


"Upcoming" Task Organization

david.foster 9 months ago in General Feedback 0

These should be posted in order of current task delivery date. They are currently randomized.


Reducing Personal workspace colours

Claire 10 months ago in General Feedback • updated by Adam Reece 10 months ago 4

I can see from your release notes that you have updated the section 'Personal Workspace Color'. How can you take functionality away from customers that rely on this for their organisation?

I had mine all set up, as well as my team for the organisation of our Redbooth and now can see those colours (now gone) have changed to other colours that are not relevant to the original assigned colour.

My company has 2 sets of teams that are coordinated by colour Red and Blue - this is also referenced elsewhere in the company. Since the new update these are now Aubergine and Teal - not related to the team names.

I cant be the only one that this has annoyed. Plus you are called 'Redbooth' and you have got rid of RED.

Many thanks,

Irwin Kwan 10 months ago

Hi All,

Thank you very much for your feedback!

We sincerely apologize that this update has caused an inconvenience and disruption to your workspaces and how you use Redbooth.

While we understand that changes do have the potential to be unpleasant, we realize that we could have done a much better job in notifying our customers about upcoming changes such as this color update to workspaces.

We continue to grow here at Redbooth as a product, and we are continuing to work on improving Redbooth for all our customers. Unfortunately, that will mean that some changes will impact some customers more than others, and we apologize for those changes.

Thank you again for being Redbooth users!


Email notifications - enabling or disabling notifications from administrative Level

Whitney Winter 1 year ago in General Feedback 0

We are having resistance to using Redbooth in our company, and partly because people feel overwhelmed that it doubles their email experience. We have asked them to turn off; however, it has not been implemented. We want to force that so people are forced to engage in Redbooth.


Lower the 5 user minimum sign up to 3

Vintage Worx 2 years ago in General Feedback 0

Redbooth is a phenomenal pm tool but the minimum 5 user sign up prevents many smaller companies and nonprofits from accessing this fantastic tool. Please consider lowering the minimum sign up to 3.