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Brint 6 months ago in General Feedback 0

It would be great to have other options for the theme. The default theme is very light, a slightly higher contrast theme option could make the web interface easier on the eyes. For those with visual impairments a very high contrast theme would be great.

A. Bouwman 10 months ago in General Feedback • updated by Rik Engelen 9 months ago 1


Can't imagine I'm the only one who's upset with the 'All activity' tab being removed. With just one click you could see ALL the latest activities in all workspaces. I had this tab open all day long, and I never missed an update.

Now, the Notifications tab doesn't even show the latest update in a certain task. I still see an update from a few hours ago, while there have been multiple updates after that.

The new 'Task overview' report is not nearly as good.

- It shows 'resolved' tasks, which I don't need to see most of the time

- I have to click 'updated' twice, to let me see the most recent update

- I only shows the task name, not the last comment (which I would very much like to see)

- It doesn't save my 'preferred settings'. Every time I go to 'Task overview' and have to set my filters again.

So, instead of one click I now have to set multiple filters, sort the lists every time and click the task to see the latest update.

Can't imagine I'm the only one, so please, please bring back the 'All activity' tab.

Andrej 11 months ago in General Feedback 0

Hi there,

I found out that the timeline page is quite slow and lagging. I am using newest Chrome on Windows 10. Everything else goes smoothly.

This happens even if there is no lists and tasks on the timeline.

Gathering feedback
lfriemoth 1 month ago in General Feedback • updated by Dylan 1 month ago 2

I just need to contact a live person.  This has been my 10th attempt and cannot get someone to contact me regarding our previous subscription.

Tomas Klimberg 1 month ago

Hi! We have received your requests. We will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

adkoen 2 months ago in General Feedback 0

I notice you support other languages. Let me help you out in translating all strings to Dutch and even keep them updated. I've done that before, I know what I'm talking about, and I know there are probably a boatload of string to be translated.

I personally don't mind the interface being in English, but I'm sure my clients would mind.

jberkow 3 months ago in General Feedback 0

Many mindmapping, CAD programs, and other packages have their toolbox of functions in a movable box on top or on the side.  Would make the program much more intuitive if one didn't need to go thru tutorials to find out where common functions are located. 

RBO 3 months ago in General Feedback • updated by RyanC 3 months ago 1

When I enter an URL into a task comment and save, a preview of the linked web page is shown. I want to be able to disable that since it make my comment messy rather than improving my comment.

aloze 3 months ago in General Feedback 0

Please update asap. Working out of 2 project management sites due to this