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Dutch language

adkoen 6 months ago in General Feedback 0

I notice you support other languages. Let me help you out in translating all strings to Dutch and even keep them updated. I've done that before, I know what I'm talking about, and I know there are probably a boatload of string to be translated.

I personally don't mind the interface being in English, but I'm sure my clients would mind.


Toolbars need to be front and center

jberkow 7 months ago in General Feedback 0

Many mindmapping, CAD programs, and other packages have their toolbox of functions in a movable box on top or on the side.  Would make the program much more intuitive if one didn't need to go thru tutorials to find out where common functions are located. 


Turn off URL content preview

RBO 7 months ago in General Feedback • updated by Ryan Crosbie 7 months ago 1

When I enter an URL into a task comment and save, a preview of the linked web page is shown. I want to be able to disable that since it make my comment messy rather than improving my comment.


Repeating Tasks Option to add "Repeats 30 days after completion" etc

aloze 7 months ago in General Feedback 0

Please update asap. Working out of 2 project management sites due to this 


Create support materials to help onboarding clients (externals) who aren't very technical

Heidi W. 7 months ago in General Feedback 0

Hi there,

We have noticed that new clients who are not very technical have a difficult time using Redbooth. Part of this issue arises because they don't understand how Redbooth is different (better) than email. Many of these clients have told us that they find Redbooth frustrating and we've even been asked to stop using it. 

I think it would be helpful to have a non-technical, support section and a lovely Redbooth branded video that is a brief how-to guide for external members. It could explain why Redbooth is better than email, point out the features that the external/client should be aware of and show where the user notifications can be edited. The focus and language would be specifically for externals and their unique perspective.

As we are essentially asking clients to learn a new piece of software, these clients should have support materials designed just for them so that the technology doesn't get in the way of the project.

Thanks for considering my feedback!


Adjust scroll settings in Date Picker

Chase Buckner 8 months ago in General Feedback 0

If you select a date then scroll down to "save", the new scroll settings just scroll you really fast down through the calendar months as if you wanted to set a date range. Because the scroll is so sensitive, it's really hard to scroll back to re-select the date you already selected. Here's a screen grab video of what I'm talking about: https://cl.ly/1x1Q3X0N041u


Would be good to have a more reasonably priced option to upgrade for freelancers.

triptoetulips 9 months ago in General Feedback • updated by Ryan Crosbie 6 months ago 1

I work alone but would greatly appreciate the function of the dependencies for less than $30 / month which for a freelancer is out of the ballpark for a single feature.

Ryan Crosbie 6 months ago

Hi Triptoe Tulips!  Today we are happy to offer this very feature.  We've just removed the 5 user minimum and wanted to share with our Redbooth supporters like yourself.  You can access the upgrade pages here: https://redbooth.com/a/#!/plans  

Click [Upgrade], then [Select] under one of the paid plans. You can change the plan and seat count on the final billing page.

Please let us know how the Pro plan works for managing freelancers!