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Redbooth freezes when copying task list

eliz.goiri 1 year ago in General Feedback • updated 1 year ago 1

I'm sorry, this might not be the right place to post this since it's not and idea or feature request.

My Redbooth freezes when copying a task list. This happens both in the browser version and in the desktop version. I have to quit and reopen, and when I do, I see that the task list has indeed been copied.

The freezing happens systematically. The only thing I can do is quit and restart every time I want to copy a task list....

I'm running MacOS 10.10.5 and Google Chrome 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit)

I wonder if anyone else is having this issue??



Font Options within Tasks, Comments and Conversations

Nicholas L. Turner 1 year ago in General Feedback • updated by Màxim Colls 1 year ago 1

It would be nice to have options to BOLD, Underline, Change Colors, Size of Font, etc. When adding notes to "Describe" the task, bullet points and colors and font options would be extremely helpful. Same for Comments, Notes, etc.

Màxim Colls 1 year ago

Hello Nicholas!

Comments and descriptions support some formatting options like the ones you mentioned. These help center articles explain you how to do that:



Hope that it helped, thanks for your feedback! 😀


Reasignar tareas de un perfil a otro en bloque

Poder reasignar las tareas de x persona a otra en bloque (independientemente de todos los espacios de trabajo que tenga).

Hemos tenido cambios en la plantilla y querría saber si hay un modo rápido de hacer que todo lo asignado a un perfil X pase a otra persona.

Yo lo que he hecho ha sido buscar a la persona en la lista de tareas por personas y de todos los proyectos y los he ido cambiando uno a uno, así no tenía que ir proyecto por proyecto. Pero la verdad que sería genial poder hacer este tema sin tanto lío, que el admin pudiera eliminar x persona y antes le preguntara a quién asignar por defecto todas sus tareas pendientes o activas.


Tree based Architecture (Parent / Children)

Andrej 1 year ago in General Feedback 0

I see so many people in this forum needs more flexibility (including me).

Unfortunately there is so many different projects and companies that with solid fixed workflow design you basically get efficient only for small subset of cases while I think redbooth as any other project management tools wants to be best for most cases.

As long as I recognize redbooth is designed around specific workflow and have solid structure workspace / task lists / tasks / subtasks ..

I believe the goal is to keep it simple and effective but it obviously not very scalable and eventually leads to something complicated and hard to implement and maintain code.

While basically you could have something like FOLDERS and TASKS, like file system.

This design allows you to put any folders and tasks into folders.

You can even more simplify this concept and just use a task feature which can have subtasks that are just references to regular tasks nothing more.

You could have one task that could stands for a project then children tasks that could stand for a milestones then children tasts that stands for tasks list and so on ..

This design is very flexible and also very simple and yet solve so many problems and demands ..

I just cannot keep this in my head. I hope some of the execution or development team leaders will read this and maybe gets inspired.

Good Luck.


Finance/ budget- integrated model

Hannah Smith 1 year ago in General Feedback 0

Would it be possible to integrate a customisable budget tracking model into the system to prevent having to attach an excel sheet? This would supplement the use of excel sheets embedded into the system.


Risk management- integrated model

Hannah Smith 1 year ago in General Feedback • updated 1 year ago 0

Would it be possible to integrate a cstomisable RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies) model into the system to prevent having to attach an excel sheet?


Client details/CRM

carolined 1 year ago in General Feedback 0

Would love to have our client database in here either as an upload or somewhere we can enter client data


Easter Egg: Comic Relief Needed

ddarras2012 1 year ago in General Feedback 0

How about an Easter Egg for PM comic relief?


Outlook plug-in suggestions

Craig 1 year ago in General Feedback 0

converting a email to task - the email content should be a comment not a description. it takes too much space as description and for tasks that live for longer period, the old email content is not relevant

Converting email to a task is 80% of the use case to me. That should be the first button option --not create a task

Plug-in will no load automatically - I have to enable it every time which is VERY annoying


Private conversation not marked as such upon first save

Heidi W. 1 year ago in General Feedback • updated 1 year ago 2

When I create a private conversation, add followers, press the Private button then save, it is not saved as Private. I have to reopen the conversation and select Private and save again.