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Option to link Zoom "Meet Now" with personal/business paid Zoom Account

Nixaccount 7 months ago in Apps & Integrations • updated by Heather Havenwood 7 months ago 1

Schedule meeting is fine. However, "Meet Now" opens up a generic/random Zoom meeting. For members that have a paid Zoom business account, linking the actual Zoom account (Login/Password) within the Redbooth account would be a nice feature.


Integrate Google Drive/Dropbox at the file storage level

Seisei Tatebe-Goddu 1 year ago in Apps & Integrations • updated by Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre 6 months ago 4

Allow users to integrate entire Google Drive/Dropbox folders into the Files section of a workspace so that is automatically synced.

Gathering feedback

Change redbooth message on slack to something simple with a single text line.

Nelson Alves 2 years ago in Apps & Integrations • updated by Carlos Lourenço 2 years ago 2

Redbooth uses to many vertical space for each task what makes slack and redbooth integration not has good has we would like to have.

screenshot - actual layout (5 task messages)

screenshot - what we would like to have (5 task messages)

Since we can not customize the output message what we would like to have is something:


eg. New Task by Nelson Alves: Send redbooth message with slack output idea @ Ideas - Redbooth


Switch Outlook Add-in to Outlook "App"

Chaz Weber 2 years ago in Apps & Integrations • updated by Jordi Romero 2 years ago 3

I would like to see the Outlook COM add-in switched to the modern Outlook "app". This would allow the great Redbooth integration to exist on almost all Outlook platforms (Windows, Mac, Web).


Have you thought integration with ifttt?

Toni Serrano 1 year ago in Apps & Integrations • updated by M. Brooks 1 year ago 1

Redbooth + IFTTT not have rival.


Integration to pull notes from Microsoft One Note

cjordan 2 years ago in Apps & Integrations 0

You guys have the ability to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and One Drive. It seems that One Note would also make for a good integration.


Robust Github Integration

Joshua Moxon 2 years ago in Apps & Integrations 0

I would love for there to be two way integration with Github out of the box so that tasks in RB get updated when a commit, comment, or status change occurs on an issue in github. When someone comments or changes something in RB I would likewise like the github issue to be updated. This would include Labels and Due dates. Bonus if you can tie certain Github Labels to tasks lists so that we can create something like a kanban board similar to how Waffle has integrated Github Labels to indicate what column the issue should be in. https://waffle.io


Create tasks from Google Docs

MaryAnn Pfeiffer 1 year ago in Apps & Integrations • updated by Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre 6 months ago 1

I really like the plug in that allows me to create a Redbooth task from emails I get in Gmail. Wouldn't it be FABULOUS if I could do the same thing with text in a Google Doc?

Now, I don't want to just LINK to a Google Doc, I want to be able to select text (as I would if I were COMMENTING on the Doc) and then "Add as Redbooth taks", just like I do with the Gmail plugin.

How fantastic would that be? For those of us who use Google Docs for projects, meeting notes and agenda, it would be epic.


Outlook plugin for Mac

Spencer Jay 1 year ago in Apps & Integrations 0

I understand this in not currently supported. Is there a workaround?


Calendars (google, Outlook) to include links to task

seisei 1 year ago in Apps & Integrations 0

It would be great if tasks that appear in Google calendar were linked to the Redbooth task so that you could just click and get to the relevant task.