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Workspace templates

It would be great if the Redbooth template for the Workspaces allowed you to add sub tasks and additional dates such as draft due date and etc.


Working with Clients: a notes or about section for a workspace

Redbooth is in part working with clients. Currently there is no way to add some general stuff about a workspace, so the client could go in there and read on all important stuff related to their workspace. I'm thinking on some important project url's, custom info about the workspace and much, much more.

It could even benefit when working with your team, for the exact same reason.


Disable auto-color assignment to workspaces

When other users share a workspace with me, a color is automatically assigned to it.

Please disable that auto-coloring.

I use the coloring at my own discretion for specific workspaces, so it is confusing when a task is assigned to me from a workspace that has a color not applied by me. I must remove it every time this happens, which is annoying.




Multi-select templates

Have the ability to select multiple templates when setting up a workspace


Workspace Drop Down Menu Organization

Would be great to be able to organize the order of the Workspaces listed in the drop down menu either alphabetically or chronologically if you named it with a date first, or even have the ability to drag the workspaces into a particular order.


Global workspace color for the organization

Claire 12 months ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects 0

Instead of just having personal workspace color within workspace settings, have a global setting to allow eveyone in the organization to see the same colours. This would be controlled via the main administrator of the organization.


Why the date of a a creation of a task or a workspace is not displayed?

Only the hour but not the day. Impossible to get a real timeline.


Workspace- task pane

Can you please enable the movement of the task pane in the view below- this will enable the ability to drag to view all text. when you have a number of items in the pane that are of a similar wording it can be difficult to view and you end up wasting time going in and out of the tasks.


Workspaces in left-hand sidebar

Please reinstate having the workspaces listed in the sidebar. This used to appear, but was replaced with a dropdown menu. I'd like to choose between the two, say when I'm on a computer with a wide screen vs. a laptop. I enjoyed that feature before - made it easy to jump from project to project.


Account workplace vs Project workplace

Hey guys. I like the tasks functionality, but I found myself continuously back to Trello. This is the thing: I have many things going on with this client/account/product. Some are active projects, some are initiatives that are developing to become a project. I tried having a different workplace for just initiatives, but it's not functional. I just need to see everything I have with the client in one same place. Then some of those things are a project that has a gantt and all. Some others are just leads, or work in progress. And I don't want to mix everything. I dont want to have columns next to the ones from the project, just to describe business opportunities or client inquiries.

It would be great if you think of a macro-level functionality inside the workplace. I think overall Redbooth looks nice for product owners but us, service providers with many accounts, we need one upper level of navigation.

Hope you can have that in consideration and you're welcome to follow up with me if you need more input. Thanks! Rob