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Gathering feedback

Workspace User Roles

chris 2 months ago in Feature Requests / Users • updated 2 months ago 2

Need the ability to define workspace specific user roles.  For example, I would like someone to be an admin for a Workspace A, but not for Workspace B.  

In order for our team leads to take control of their workspace, they need a little more capabilities than participants.



Privacy in Workspaces

ceg 3 months ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

Allow private tasks and subtasks within Workspaces.  People should only see what they are assigned or granted access to.  Workspaces should give more flexibility.  If you add someone to a particular task and it's one part of a larger project, they don't need access to everything. Make privacy a default option as well.  Even if you create private tasks, when you add someone to another task, they have access to the entire workspace and every other task in there.


Create an Out-Of-Office reply and set backup watcher

Heather 4 months ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

I am our project manager and am set to auto follow every task and conversation. I'd like the ability to set an auto reply AND / OR set a backup follower. Right now I need to ask my team to manually set themselves up to auto follow various projects in my absence.


Can you stop normal users from adding users to the organisation?

frederic.gaumond 5 months ago in Feature Requests / Users • updated by Ryan Crosbie 5 months ago 1

In the Professional version, is there a way to stop participants (normal users) from adding invite to the organisation. For security reasons as well as to not waste licenses on people that aren't employees. Thanks in advance

Ryan Crosbie 5 months ago

Hi Frederic! 

Those participants might actually be better as 'externals', because externals don't have that privilege. 

Take a look at the external role info here: https://redbooth.com/help/using-redbooth/external-membership-role/


ADMIN and Normal Users possibilities

Ariel 9 months ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

Possibility for ADMIN users to posts in name of normal users and post hours assigned to different users. Also, impossibility for normal users to modify list and tasks names


Improve user management options

Tom 11 months ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

Administrators can't delete users in Members or provide a list of all the workspaces the person exists in so they can be removed from each workspace


Two factor authentication

Luke Lathouwers 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

It would be nice (and safe) to be able to allow for two factor authentication (and maybe enforce it for your organisation).


Allow a backup email address against a User Profile

AndrewC 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

My Redbooth account email is andrew@turingtrust.co.uk from which any incoming email gets forwarded to my private Inbox andrew@pearlcom.co.uk. However if I reply to a conversation posted by someone else from my private account, Redbooth rejects it as being from an email address that it doesn't recognise.

Could we possibly hold a secondary email address against each User Profile that would be recognised as valid when replying to Forum Notifications?


Merge Multiple Users

Dawn Kirby 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

It would be great to be able to merge users into one. For example we have a user who has left who's tasks I want to be taken over by someone else - along with all the tasks they were following.


Prevent external members from creating public links to files

T Charles 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

Big security reason