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Allow archived Task Lists to be put into Folders to enable better accessibility once archived

When we archive Task Lists in Redbooth, they are usually related to other Task Lists/projects we've archived previously. It would be helpful to archive these Task Lists together into a "folder" that we can name, to help categorize similar projects/Task Lists together.

The current process of accessing archived projects is 'clunky'. Enabling clients to create/name folders to store archived Task Lists in would make this accessibility easier.

Gathering feedback

Print Task Overview Report

angelica 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by Màxim Colls 1 year ago 1

Would like to see the ability to print the new "Task Overview Report."


Collaspable Time List

LaToya 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

If you could allow the Task List to collapse to the right hand side and be able to view in that form and just scroll down. Sometimes trying to see the screen when you have to split the screen it takes to long or too much space if it were collapsable then I could scroll up and down to find the answer.


Filter for task list in workspace

Alex K 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

sometimes you need to work in a single task list while in a workspace and don't want to be distracted. We would really like the ability to filter for a task list while in a workspace. The way we do this now is to use the Omni search for the name of the tasklist, you end up getting the tasklist in your dashboard view but then you lose certain functionality, plus it's a pain. Ideally it would be a drop down on the tasklist header that would say "view this task list only" or something like that. This way you wouldn't have to carefully type the name each time in a filter search box.


Add a function to segment task lists, would take the burden off of subtasks

barkley 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

I currently use prefixes to group related tasks in a task list. If you could develop a function that grouped those tasks into their on segment, it would be easy to gauge progress of different parallel chunks.


Manage large projects using multi-leveled tasks / subtasks

We are using Redbooth to manage internal improvement projects as for example the implantation of a Warehouse management system, business process reengineering, integration of ERP systems, etc. All of them have a huge number of tasks and several multi-leveled subtasks.

The main problem is to manage this amount of leveled tasks and subtasks one after another and to quickly see dependencies, as the only way to do it nowadays, is to connect them on the Timeline. It would be more efficient and easy to concentrate these subtasks inside the main one:

Main task

Subtask 1 (assigned to.. due date..)

Subtask 1.1 (assigned to.. due date..)

Subtask 1.1.1… (assigned to.. due date..)


Subtask 2.1

Subtask 2.1.1…

In summary, we would like to achieve a more efficient view of subtasks, integrated management of tasks in a single entry point, and a better global view about progress of the whole project.

Thank you,




Add the ability to assign whole task list.

Add the ability to assign whole task list.

It means that all tasks below will be have the same executor.


View list, column, or timeline

ActiveCollab allows users to view their task lists in list, column, or timeline view. It would be great to get all of the tasks in a single list sometimes instead of viewing it just in column or timeline view. Thanks!


Display a kanban board across all workstreams


I work with a distributed development team and scheduling tasks as a 'push' activity is proving to be cumbersome. I would like to implement a 'pull' activity culture in my team where I can have one pool of 'to-do' tasks, and if a developer has completed a task they can go to the global 'to-do' pool and pick a task from the pool of tasks, assign their name to it and continue with the work. Once completed, they can move the task to a 'Test' tasklist etc.

I would like to be able to setup a Kanban board view of all my workspaces allowing me to see all task in either a 'To do, Development, Testing, Waiting deployment' status.




display created date/creator of tasks in task list

sometimes tasks end up with very similar names and when due dates get bumped the two tasks can be very difficult to distinguish from each other without actually opening them and comparing them side by side (just kidding no way to compare tasks side by side in redbooth). also, after a 'Copy and assign task...' menu function two tasks will look identical in the task list until the copied task's name is edited to differentiate it from the original. in our case this has caused users to accidentally edit the original task instead of the copy as intended.

this info could be in a small light font much like the 'Show x completed tasks' at the end of each task list and placed under the due date.