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set up more assignees to a tast in task template

It would be very helpful if not only in the project itself, 1 task can be assigned to more than 1 person, but also to include this functionality into the task template.

We have lots of different projects running at the same time and so this would save us lots of time!


Ability to rearrange subtasks in a Template Task

roseanne 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task List Templates • updated by Matt 4 months ago 6

When creating a Template Task, or when improving upon a Template Task, have the ability to drag and drop the subtasks in the desired order, in the same way that we're able to do in a task that is in a Workspace.

Irwin Kwan 12 months ago

Hi Roseanne,

Have you tried our Copy Project feature for your needs? https://redbooth.com/help/copy-a-workspace/


Auto-Assign Members to next Task after a previous Task is resolved

Create Triggers that will Auto-Assign a Member to the Next Task when previous task is resolved. When the previous task is not yet resolved, the next Task will stay Unassigned. These Triggers would be set up in the Task List Templates.

i.e. Mary resolved Task #1

<Freddie is assigned to Task #2>

Freddie resolved Task #2

<Mary and Freddie are assigned to Task #3>


Files for task list templates.

My team loves using task list templates for projects that have similar processes to other projects. Being able to attach files to task list templates would be really useful. We would attach relevant templates, forms and resources.


Template allowing for Subtasks to be added properly

I have created multiple templates with the same format found on your website, however,I cannot add subtasks to a task until the template is already imported into a workspace. This ability would be a huge time saver for us! I would like if subtasks could be added from the project template.


Toggle order of subtasks

daniela_aramayo 9 months ago in Feature Requests / Task List Templates • updated 9 months ago 2


ability to add more anchor or tether dates in task templates

I use task templates for administrative law cases with uniform schedules and requirements. Many of my task due dates relate to the hearing date backward, not from the date the template is created forward. It would be great to have the ability to enter more than one, or at least alter the existing, anchor date or tether date - whatever it's called - so that I can have due dates relate to the date of an event that I add in to the template. For example, one task is a prehearing filing due 21 days prior to the hearing date. Many of the legal PM and billing programs have this feature.


Ability to drag and drop tasks (or copy) from one task list template to another

I think being able to drag and drop tasks, or copy tasks, from one task list template to another would be a great time saver.


Add date range to task due dates in task list templates

The "__ days after the starting date of the created task list" setting in task list templates doesn't work for the function our company needs for one of our task list templates: generating tasks with a due date range of the week prior to our marketing meeting day, which is held on the first Tuesday of every month.

In other words, we would like to be able to set up this task list template so its tasks have a due date range of the previous week's Monday through the Monday before the Tuesday meeting.

As it currently works, we end up having to go in and set each task's due date manually after the task list is generated. I have a recurring task reminder on the 24th of each month to generate the task list for the meeting...and trying to find the "sweet spot" to enter for the number of days after the starting date of the created task list is time-consuming, and doesn't work more often than not, since the calendar date the marketing meeting falls on varies from month to month.

The option of setting "__ of days BEFORE specified due date" would be incredibly useful in general!


options for sizing task lists

I would like to see more view and sizing options for the task lists. We would like to have the ability to make certain lists wider on the screen with more viewable information.