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Timeline overview of all workspaces

Johan Jøsok 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by pca 2 months ago 32

The new timeline feature is great. Our team use one workspace for each project, and the timeline feature will make it a lot easier to manage each project.

A great feature would be to add an overall timeline view for all workspaces, to make it easier to manage resources across several projects.


Timeline PDF

Nick 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 weeks ago 10

We'd like to be able to download a PDF of the timeline view for printing and sending to clients.


Dependency date push when final launch date changed

Alexander Kaplan 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by David Galiel 10 months ago 6

When we create a Gant Chart for a product launch and then make dependencies with tasks, we wanted the time line to shift when an end date changes. For instance, creative will take longer to provide materials, launch date moves to later OR launch date comes earlier, then all tasks need to begin earlier in order to meet that launch


Allow externals to access timeline view

Seisei Tatebe-Goddu 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by Stephanie Roache 1 year ago 2

We'd like clients to access the timeline view for an easy overview of their project.


Customizable "Block Out Dates" on timelines

wowTigre 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Timeline 0

Allow users to create "Block out dates" in which tasks cannot be assign as due. This would be very helpful especially for holidays and other occasions that an entire team is out of the office.Our international team members often forget that we will be out on holiday and assign things for when the entire team is gone.


a way to display longer tasks names in timeline

Greg 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by Andrej 1 year ago 3


allowing multilines task?

allowing to move the line between tasks and timeline?


Assign or define non working days

info 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by Orgyen 1 year ago 1

With the Gantt feature, we see a problem. Since we cannot assign a specific amount of time within a time frame, we have to spread tasks trough several day and weeks. Sometimes one person or entire team is out in holidays or in a trip. There should be a way do define nonworking days. By company or member. Thanks


Filter out weekends on Gantt chart calendar

Steve Dean 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline 0

Can you please add a filter to cut out weekends and holidays from the Gantt chart? It's a great feature, and this would make it better.


CRITICAL - PLEASE ENABLE Timeline (Color-Line) for the WHOLE Project (SEE Screenshots)

nen 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated 2 years ago 1

I mean this:

a. When we enter Start+End dates in Task Lists or Workspaces, nothing happens in the Timeline (?!) ... until we enter Dates inside each individual Task.

This is counter-productive and a time-waster:

b. Ideally, we should have a CLEAR Timeline (color line) in the Gantt View once we have entered the Start + End Date for the Project/Workspace/Task List, BEFORE CREATING TASK DATES, just like this:

This will allow us to PLAN on the go and have a better VISUAL feel of the actual Timeline for our Project, BEFORE we even start deciding on Task Dates :)

PS: if you can add/implement these few lines of code (as Breeze.pm tool does), me and my Team will be here forever ;)

Thanks in advance


Ability to Move tasks in timeline

Adam 12 months ago in Feature Requests / Timeline 0

This seems strange that tasks (the whole block) can't me moved in timeline view. This makes coordinating concurrent phases difficult as you have to move every item separately vs relative to the whole list. Almost all Gant chart solitons let you do this.