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torih 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Timeline 0

For repeatable tasks (like bi-weekly email blasts), I think it would be great to see that in the timeline, and then I could connect dependencies to it.

Eric Y 3 days ago in Feature Requests / Timeline 0

In MS Project there is a way to set baselines. This allows you to track changes from the original plan. Users can manipulate the schedule, and thus there is no way to measure the performance of the work versus the baseline.

banderson 8 months ago in Feature Requests / Timeline 0

On the timeline screen, allow vertical bar between task list and timeline to be adjustable, sliding right and left to view longer description tasks, or to somewhat hide the tasks in order to view the timeline

kevin.dhoe 10 months ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated 10 months ago 2

At this moment I don’t see a solution to merge the complete timeline in to a print (it can be multiple A4 papers or even a A3 paper).

Would be great if you could integrate that!

I tried to zoom out (in the browser) and execute a printjob, but in that case nothing appears on the screen/paper.


The only way of assigning dependencies is the drag and drop on timeline view? It would be much easier sometimes to do this directly from the task card.

Describe this task...
Add a subtask...
Add a dependency...

luisgrozas 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Timeline 0

A Gantt chart is a graphic tool to shown in a timeline a list of tasks, its duration and the relation between them.

Nevertheless not all the tasks inlcuded in the Task List could be subject to be shown in a Gantt Chart. It should be great to hace the possibility to inidicate in the definition of the Tasks and subtasks if they should be shonw in the Gannt Chart or not.

Gary Diderich 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated by Irwin Kwan 1 year ago 1

I'm wondering how I can prepare the Excel spreadsheet in a way that I can also put the start date, because you template only mentions the due date, this makes that I don't get timeline per task for the Gantt Chart.

torih 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Timeline • updated 1 year ago 0

When you connect dependencies, can you highlight the connection between certain projects. I have different projects running at the same time, it's hard to tell between dependencies. Need a feature to highlight different color for selected dependencies when you click on a line connecting dependencies, not just when you hover.