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Recent changes to Redbooth (Re: iOS & Outlook interface) Very desapointing

Luc Fortin 7 months ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

My team has reported the loss of several features that were very useuful to our staff

  1. We can no longer drag and drop e-mail from outlook directly in our task
  2. We can no longer add picture to task directly from our cell phone (This was one of the very important option we were using with Redbooth)
  3. We can no longer access attachements from our Iphones as we used to, message : View attachement in the WEB APP
  4. Until recently Redbooth had modified the iOS patform and we could no longer access Workspace directly with our iphones.
  5. I still have the version 8.0.0 which does not provide direct access to workspaces (How do I update my Iphone app to the latest version ?)

All these modifications are considered to be very serious and a significant decline with Redbooth inital promises of versatility

We did moved to Redbooth because it was a convenient application to regroup communication for iOS and outlook users.

We now regret the new modifications and we want to get the previous version back as were are losing too many functianalities.


Upload Photos from iOS App

Wwith the new App it's not possible to upload photos. Please fix this ASAP


Task creation and file attachment: no public files per default

There's an issue when attaching files to public tasks.

Public tasks means they are publicly visible to members of this workspace. But the workspace's content is retained within Redbooth.

However, there's a problem when attaching a file to a public task: this file will get a public URL and thus expose it to the web outside of Redbooth. If members are not aware of this fact they inadvertently expose sensitive content to the web.

From a process perspective files attached to tasks must be in a first step contained within Redbooth only; in cases where you want files to be accessible from outside Redbooth you would explicitly create a public URL.

Suggestion: change default state of files attached to tasks to be "Redbooth internal".


Create references from files to tasks

Create references from files in file section to tasks.


Provide a Files back-up option within Redbooth File storage

DJRobbins 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

Since Redbooth's File storage is unlimited, we use their platform to store the majority of our files. We need a way to back-up these files on a regular basis - similar to the way Tasks can be backed-up from a Workspace/Org level. We like the Folder structure capabilities, and the ease of attaching Files to Tasks within Redbooth, so we opted to use Redbooth's File storage instead of involving the additional cost of a 3rd party tool, and administering another layer of permissions.


Attaching files from google team drives

hawa.kombian 4 months ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

Would be great if it were possible to attach files from the new google team drives into specific tasks for sharing/collaboration. My time is struggling with this at the moment. Thanks!


Google Drive attachments show full page preview and include link

Nicole L 11 months ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

In preview, Google Drive attachments do not actually open up into a full page, so you aren't able to read them. It would also be helpful to be able to go to the link or to store these files in the project task. Right now, accessing, reading, or printing the file is impossible.


Strip mails sent/forwarded to a task from uneccessary images

cb 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

We have a lot of clients that use emailfooters with (uneccessary) images. When I forward them to RedBooth via email, they are attached to the conversation/comment. That's okay. But it'd be nice, if I could delete the unneccessary images to keep my comments clean. Please add an option to delete them (a small "x" maybe). Thanks.


Drag and Drop task attachements OUT of a task

Ryan 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Attachments • updated 2 years ago 0

I would like to be able to drag and drop files currently attached to a task OUT of the task as well, i.e open a task, drag and drop the attachment into an email, or a computer folder etc rather than having to click and re-save/download it, and not just in the current form where it creates a web link to the file but an actual pdf/jpeg etc. This would save a lot of time and be much more fluid.


Files attached to tasks are put in a folder File Task

Attached screen images tasks to correct details of the web pages, when I go to the section file I am full of those files and looks like a complete mess and be updated every day the move files to another folder is annoying.
I have 2 options to stop attach files to tasks. or stop using file section as relevant project files.