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Emily 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

The light gray color font used throughout Redbooth is hard to read against the bright white colored background. Could you make the font a darker color so it will stand out more, such as a dark blue? Or make an adjustable option under user preferences?


I need to see my Updates in chronological order, not grouped by workspace. I missed some updates from team members this week because I didn't realize the Updates were grouped by workspace and their updates were further down the page in another workspace.

Ashley 5 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

Please change the order that tasks are listed in each queue back to ascending order of due dates. It does not make any sense to see tasks that are due on Friday before seeing what is due on Monday.

Also, not a fan of the recent change to the main dashboard. By always having the oldest task automatically open, I always think that I am in the task that I need to be in, but really it is an old task that I am not currently working on. Our team works in multiple tasks throughout the day and we do not like having one pinned open on our dashboards at all times.

Michael Kelly 5 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

There are a bunch of tasks parked in No Due Date to be taken when I need a new task. I want to prioritize them--or even things with the same due date, or even things with different due dates. We are trying fake due dates, but that's confusing because of real dates.

ken 5 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

My team would like to have some way of viewing Urgent tasks together. These used to show up at the beginning of the Today view, regardless of their due date, since they were marked Urgent. The new changes in the platform now bury Urgent tasks in the lists by due date, so it’s not (apparently) possible to see all the urgent tasks together.

Derek R. 5 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

Our users stop using their notifications (and therefore, their Dashboards) because they get inundated with too many updates that don't actually apply to them. We use Redbooth in an agile project management methodology, so our scrummasters adjust due dates, edit assignees, mark tasks resolved, etc. in ways that are unnecessary for the rest of the team to be notified of. We would love to be able to set notifications to that users ONLY get notified of comments and attachments on tasks/conversations they're following, and DO NOT get notified of date changes, assignee changes, task status changes, etc.

afalconi 6 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

I ask you about, How can I do to know the workload of my team? Can I view in hours or percentages

PlannerReid 6 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

When the task list was on the RIGHT side of the screen - I was able to print a DAILY list of my tasks complete with check box for noting my completion. While I like keeping my tasks digitally - I use a paper copy during the day to check off tasks done. When I try to print now - I only get the single task that appears on my dashboard. REQUEST - please allow us to set up our own dashboard for reasons such as this - or put a feature that allows the TASKS to be printed as a list.

julio 6 months ago in Feature Requests / Dashboard 0

Hi Staff,

Its nice and all, but if i have a task open for to long it closes and goes back to the 1st task and if i close a task it freezes for a few seconds while it takes the task away and opens the next one.

Its totally not working for me.

Please try to fix this.