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ekaltenmark 1 week ago • updated by Whitney Winter 1 week ago 1

Need to be able to insert photos in the task description.  For example, if you used Redbooth to track maintenance of different parts it would be nice to have a photo in the part description area for a quick reference versus just the text part number and description.

Yessie Mae 4 months ago • updated by Andrew Vink 4 months ago 1

especially now that it's hidden in a separate tab

Raja Daher 5 months ago 0

create a "have read" "have seen" button to be noticed someone as take care of a comment without having replied to it (which is time consumming to write "ok", "fine" for example

steven.hinks 5 months ago 0

I have a weekly conference call every Monday at 11am. Its easily missed when your a busy Engineer.

It would be great if I got a reminder 10 minutes beforehand

lisa.ochs 2 weeks ago • updated by Heather 2 weeks ago 1

A way to copy tasks or task lists...preferably more than 1 at a time from a workspace to a task list template

Chris Ford 1 month ago • updated 1 month ago 2

Really keen for a milestone feature to be added. Each project has a deadline and we need know when that is. It seems this would be a basic requirement in the gannt chart.

Aside from thats, its changed my life having this tool and I will look to grow in the organisation!

esther 2 months ago 0
sarah 2 months ago • updated by Roger 2 months ago 1

in need to be able to find a workspace and lookup things and add tasks. Or add comments on a task already there. 

Adrian B. 2 months ago 0


What you think about the possibility to update the list of task by an import?

I found it easier sometimes to update task dates on excel and import them.

But found the delete process + update a bit painful.