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sarah 4 months ago • updated by Roger 4 months ago 1

in need to be able to find a workspace and lookup things and add tasks. Or add comments on a task already there. 

Adrian B. 4 months ago 0


What you think about the possibility to update the list of task by an import?

I found it easier sometimes to update task dates on excel and import them.

But found the delete process + update a bit painful.

cdw 1 week ago 0

Your unsubscribe doesn't work - i.e. i've unsubscribed 3 times now!!! 

slauth 2 months ago 0
Elton 2 months ago • updated by RyanC 2 months ago 1

Hi guys.

I'm new here, so if these questions are stupid, please ignore it. :)

1) Is it possible to increase the timeline end date? Today, the timeline shows only one year ahead. 

2) How can I set the tasks dependencies? Is it available only to pro accounts?

Thank you!

RyanC 2 months ago

Hi Elton,

Those are valid questions.  

Timeline end date is 1 year, and task dependencies are features of the Pro and Business plans.



shannan 2 months ago 0

We would like to share portions of the task list with clients - l ike the Gantt chart and have them be able to access it in real time as it updates - but not be able to see our comments, etc in the tasks or access any of the actual project information

Lamp 3 months ago • updated by RyanC 3 months ago 1

The best thing is to provide more insight into tasks faster and easier. The idea to allow expansion and viewing subtasks in the main task list view is to zoom into detail and zoom out to macro scale of the project easier and quicker. Management of the project is about a constant big picture workflow management and small tasks management at the same time.