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courtney 6 months ago 0

Dear God, please change the font back to the way it was!  I have 20/15 vision and I'm still struggling to read it!


Get back deleted task

Kirstie 7 months ago 0

is there a function that would allow you to get back a deleted tas


​​Provide a preview button and task status

Ritesh Patadiya 7 months ago 0

Provide a preview button on task comment so before submitting comment User can check comment formatting. Also provide task status this will help full for both project manager and developer that which task is in which state.

Provide estimation and spent time feature which also helpful for customer.


Sort daily tasks chronologically between tasks and subtasks

Dylan 7 months ago 0

I don't see any need for Next Week or Later This Week to be sorted by task and subtask first. Just sort by date. And if a subtasks and task are due the same day, let's have them connected to make the workflow easier.


Allow user to "select all" when creating a workspace

Brint 8 months ago 0

Subtasks editing missed out?

Vitas, DK 8 months ago 0

Congrats on your new App update.

However, you promised to Open up more on the subtasks, to make it more editable. It seems you completely missed out that part, sorry! Please make it work, we need to be able to edit and move and tag/montage subtasks!


Workspace colors

Kaila Covián 8 months ago 0

notify when task is complete

Kaila Covián 8 months ago • updated by Dylan 8 months ago 5