Chris Ford 5 months ago • updated 5 months ago 2

Really keen for a milestone feature to be added. Each project has a deadline and we need know when that is. It seems this would be a basic requirement in the gannt chart.

Aside from thats, its changed my life having this tool and I will look to grow in the organisation!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the note on Milestones.  Previously, Task List due dates were a feature within Redbooth,  but they weren't commonly used.  After some needed front-end updates to Workspaces this year, they were removed.

Before we get moving on this, can you elaborate on how exactly you would use Milestones, and report on them for your project planning?



Im suprised at that. we are all working towards something and I would hae thought this was a standard feature in a gant chart. Is this something you will look at going forward.

Basically, an task group will have a deadline and displayed on the gant. Thanks, Chris.