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Workspace User Roles

chris 2 months ago in Feature Requests / Users • updated 2 months ago 2

Need the ability to define workspace specific user roles.  For example, I would like someone to be an admin for a Workspace A, but not for Workspace B.  

In order for our team leads to take control of their workspace, they need a little more capabilities than participants.


Gathering feedback

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the note.  Can you explain a bit more about those situations?  i.e, what 'take control of their workspaces' and 'a little more capabilities' means to your team? 

Maybe there's an opportunity for some of the participants to be externals, (as an interim solution) ?



Hi Ryan:

As an example, as an admin I'm able to delete any task in a Workspace.  However, if someone who manages the workspace is only a participant, they are unable to delete any task.  

I don't want to give them admin access to the organization because I don't think they need to access "Manage My Organization".

If there is a way for a user to have a little more control over the Workspace they manage, I think that would be great.