Email to external non-users from within Redbooth

GreenDino-Tim 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Conversations • updated by Mario Hennenberger 2 years ago 3

In an effort to "Kill E-mail" through Redbooth, I'd like to be able to email external non-users from within a task. More specifically, we manage hundreds of tasks that hinge on external users, none of whom use or need to use Redbooth the way we do. I need to track the emails sent to these users in order for me to close out the task. Currently, I send an email, copy the email, then paste the email to the comment box within Redbooth. This way, over the life of a project, I can see the entire task related thread of conversation (some of our tasks last a more than a year). Wouldn't it be great if Redbooth could link to your gmail to allow you to send a new email from within a task to an external user?

Yes!!! It would be really nice to have this feature back in Redbooth.

We recently ran into a very large task that requires input from several hundred users outside of RB. I would love to be able to integrate with our Google domain apps account and pull in contacts and manage email threads through RB so that the communication between our company and vendors can be easily managed as it directly relates to our ability to complete the task.


the excuse that zenddesk can do that better is very dull from my point of view.

with the ability to have external users send messages its just one mouseclick away to get tasks assigned.

sure zend may have a better product, but not everyone needs a full blown support application.

also with all zend features, there is little point of using redbooth