Thinner task lists option

Dotan Cohen 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by Mariano Sanz Gil 1 year ago 1

The task lists seem to have very beautiful CSS that compromises utility for the sake of good looks. It would be great if there were an option for a denser CSS that would make each list thinner. The Gmail interface has such an option (Comfortable, Cozy, Compact) for differing levels of information density and it is absolutely terrific.

For instance, the grab handle is redundant if the user already knows that he can click and grab each list item. There seems to be a good 20px wasted between the list item text and the Calendar / Assigned User icons. The task checkbox, text, and Calendar / Assigned User icons could do with significantly less padding.

If these changes would help squeeze an additional vertical list onto the page, that would be very, very helpful.

Thank you!

Esa propuesta es absolutamente genial, sobre todo después de la incorporación de nuevas cosas a la cabecera de las tareas. Iba ha hacerla yo mismo pero suscribo la de Dotan.