Need to Export Comments in Reporting, Each Comment for Each Task Please

Creative 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Reporting • updated by StephenESC 2 months ago 5

We add comments for each time we bill time to a task on any given project. We need to be able to export/report each comment on each task for each project. Currently we're unable to export/report comments on tasks... Please update reporting to accommodate.

We very much need this functionality also please. To be able to download a report and see the comments associated with each task would be very useful.

I agree. This would be a great feature

This would be very much needed for us as well. Ultimately it would be helpful to be able to select which fields are exported to take some out as well.

Agreed! We'd love to use this as additional notes on the status of a task. It would also be helpful to have something similar at the workspace level.

 Please add this functionality. I am currently exploring Redbooth as a possible solution for our design office (and so far it’s quite excellent) but without being able to run a report for our managers that includes project notes not just a projects current status, I know it won’t get approved as a tool.