Need to Export Comments in Reporting, Each Comment for Each Task Please

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We add comments for each time we bill time to a task on any given project. We need to be able to export/report each comment on each task for each project. Currently we're unable to export/report comments on tasks... Please update reporting to accommodate.

We very much need this functionality also please. To be able to download a report and see the comments associated with each task would be very useful.

I agree. This would be a great feature

This would be very much needed for us as well. Ultimately it would be helpful to be able to select which fields are exported to take some out as well.

Agreed! We'd love to use this as additional notes on the status of a task. It would also be helpful to have something similar at the workspace level.

 Please add this functionality. I am currently exploring Redbooth as a possible solution for our design office (and so far it’s quite excellent) but without being able to run a report for our managers that includes project notes not just a projects current status, I know it won’t get approved as a tool.

This is a key feature for reporting out project activity with up to date activity around incomplete/ongoing tasks. Is this planned into the product development any time soon?

Gathering feedback

Hi Everyone,

Sounds like we have a symptom of a real problem.  Can a few of you elaborate on why you need to export OUT of Redbooth for project status/reports, and what the Redbooth product could do for you so that you don't have to export?

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For me, I have a senior manager to whom we send a weekly update/report on all design projects in the shop. Currently, the updates are captured in and provided as an Excel spreadsheet. As cumbersome as that process is, the spreadsheet is able to display all updates from the previous week in a single report without my manager having to sort through individual projects to see what notes or comments have been added.

As Redbooth exists now, I can create a report that includes the current status of a project by changing it from one task list to another (e.g. from “In development” to “With client for approval”). However, it doesn’t allow me to generate a report that includes any changes made in the description area or any recent comments that were added.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for contribution here.  I understand then that the comment additions here would be important for your status updates. Even if we improved the experience in Redbooth, would your Senior Manager still prefer the Excel method?

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the reply!

Not necessarily. Excel is what she’s used to right now but she’s completely open to another solution if it works better for us (i.e. Redbooth) as long as it will still meet her needs.


I work at an investment company and we are regulated by several governing bodies.  If needed, it would be very helpful to be able to export comments for their review.

Hi Dylan,

Sounds like export is more important for your team than providing it in Redbooth.  Have you needed to export comments for the governing bodies yet? Thanks for your contribution to the thread, very interesting.


We have not, thankfully, but it would be great to be ready if we ever had to