Multi-Leveled Subtasks as One Template (4-5 levels deep)

Fred 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task List Templates • updated by Marc Carpena Pladevall 1 year ago 1

My idea for Redbooth would be to add a deeper level of subtasks to the templating system. Currently, you can only create 2-3 levels deep on each task template. If redbooth was able to create a task that allowed 4-5 sublevels deep with tasks that would be awesome. The reason for this: The digital (inbound) marketing community has a real need for a project management software that allows them to create templates that have this many levels deep. The goal is to create a repeatable process where an inbound marketer can select a premade template that walks them through all of the tasks for a 3 month period. Having this in one template and not 8-10 templates would be astounding.

The first company to achieve a project management system that is tailored to the inbound marketing community globally wins. Currently, this community of inbound marketing agencies has a growth rate of 40% annually and climbing. The potential to market this to inbound and other types of marketing agency is huge.

I am selfish for suggesting this because I run an inbound marketing agency that is partnered with HUBSPOT corporation and I have seen the struggle first hand, how agencies and users have not found a solution (project management software) that can do this.

Thank you for your consideration of this idea. If you would like more details and a map out of how this would work, I can provide those details for this idea.

We like the same proposal not only for the templates but for the tasks in themselves. Managing multi-leveled subtasks as in Microsoft Project. Achieving a more efficient view of subtasks, without having to link subtasks in the Timeline.