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Organize Workspaces into Folders

andrew 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Maja Foster 2 days ago 8 1 duplicate

Our company has hundreds of customers, each who have many concurrent projects. We currently create a workspace for every project. It would be great if we could put all of those workspaces into a folder (the customer) for further organization.

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We have the same issue. Would love for Redbooth to give us this option. Has anyone found a good solution to this issue outside of Redbooth making this change?


Same as above! It would be most useful.


This would be wonderful.


Please!! We have many projects and the list is growing.

Would it help to create a workspace for each customer, then, create a task list for each project?


Barbara, a client may have mutiple offerings and those offerings have several separate task lists so I have to have mutiple workspaces for each client which is not ideal. If I was able to display subtasks under the tasks in the task list then that would be great but right now you have to click the task to view the subtask.

Gathering feedback

Hello to everyone on this feature request.  We have a question for you.... 

Is workspace folders enough organization to solve this request?  Are you also experiencing the same things for users, externals, files, etc? We are hoping to expand the scope of this project to solve more than 'workspace folders', which is likely the symptom of a bigger problem accounts with lots of workspaces.



It would be enough for what I need