Slack bot

Ricardo Amigo 2 years ago in Apps & Integrations • updated by Ryan Crosbie 6 days ago 4

The current way of integrating Redbooth with Slack is poor when compared to the new Trello Bot. Please check: https://trello.com/platforms/slack

That would be very nice indeed :)

Some more information then just created/commented would be nice, like the actual comment or task, perhaps time taken?


I am excited to see that this is planned! Any word on when it should be completed? Would the bot have functionality that would allow for choosing what project and task list the task goes on? That would be super helpful.

It would also be really helpful to be able to comment on a task from Slack.


Hi everyone,

We're moving this project to "Started", as we began work on it today.

Here's a list of commands you can do already, but we will make it even clearer in the future.  Simply type /redbooth help to see this list of commands.