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The new timeline feature is great. Our team use one workspace for each project, and the timeline feature will make it a lot easier to manage each project.

A great feature would be to add an overall timeline view for all workspaces, to make it easier to manage resources across several projects.

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great idea, I thought about the same! and the best thing would be to also give the possibility to check a selection of workspaces and than get the timeline of these workspaces and not necessarily only all of them or one of them, also options in between. Also, to have a timeline per user would be great, as in reports but in timeline view

Timeline per user would be epic. Right now we have to export the timeline, clean up / remove columns, sort, add time due, etc. ALOT of extra work

This idea would be instrumental for us


This idea is very important for us. We decided to start using Redbooth versus 10.000ft because your visuals and workflow and features are a lot better. But to manage resources, having an overview of all projects is critical to manage new projects, pipeline and teams. Hope you include this in the next update.

Great work by the way! I looked at more than 15 softwares and yours is simple but structure enough! Great UX and UI.


It would help me greatly in managing team. Seeing the entire timeline would help to predict and avoid workload picks and troughs


Wow, our minds are alike, i would LOVE to have this option too. right now i tried to limit the amount of workspaces so that you can also limit the amount of timelines you need to see. But one big one for all workspaces together would be a dream come true and a great way to see your plans and efforts come together.


Seems like we're all asking for the same thing!

We'd love this feature too! Seems like the only missing piece to make Redbooth perfect for us :)


Yes - this may be a break for me - I manage so many clients, gantt is only helpful when I can see all of them. Pretty please? :)

40 votes... surely worth considering.

Original request was placed 5 months ago.. I'm sure I'm speaking for many when saying ...Redbooth team can you respond


So, not sure if this request is being considered or not, but it is probably most crucial function that we need to be incorporated. Yes, 5 months is a very long time to wait for feedback on this request


The timeline with more than 1 project/workspace is critical for our choice to choose for paid Redbooth or free Asana

Even better if you can choose All Or chose/combine free any amount of workspaces to display in timeline.

We need this please :)


Hi everyone. I think you could add "Timeline" button on the Dashboard and show the tasks exactly in the same order and grouping as in dashboard .. which allow for overview to the closest and urgent task right at the timeline. Just an Idea ..


Dear Redbooth team it would be nice if somebody picked this up - we have over 50 votes here alerady...?


I agree with everyone's requests. Right now I maintain a manual production spreadsheet that I spend a few hours each week updating. If there was the timeline view across all, or a handpicked selection of, workspaces it could eliminate a lot of that manual work.


Really, really need this. To be useful, I'd want to be able to manipulate individual tasks, just as you can on a project basis. This way, if I spot a clash in resources between two projects, I can correct it there and then.

If there could also be a "filter by project" option, that would be even better. I imagine that would be a drop down list where you can tick one or more of your active projects, to see a timeline of just their merged lists and tasks.

This does seem a really popular request. Hope it can make it into your development cycles in the foreseeable future :)


yes yes yes. this is the only essential feature i believe redbooth is missing for wholistic planning


There's lots of other similar tools that provide this, why no response from redbooth? This will make my decision to invest wholly or not in redbooth. A simple response wld be fab to know if it's in the pipeline or not. TIA


The inability to combine workspaces on the one time line, or to combine a timeline for a single user across multiple workspaces is the one real issue I have on redbooth. When I need to report on the program of an employee or a department it is cumbersome to print out or bring up multiple workspaces. It also makes me look like I have an overly complicated system or style of management. PLEASE bring in this feature!


Copy that! At the moment the lack of this feature is really frustrating me. I have several clients (each with different projects), one for each workspace. By not seeing the whole picture, I can't know at a glance which days I'm free, and which days I'm busy - I constantly have to click in and out from the different workspaces. PLEASE Redbooth prioritise this feature!

Please implement this!