Nick Z 12 months ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking • updated by Eoin 3 months ago 1

Hi Redbooth team!

First of all, your software is probably one of the best management and collaboration apps out there. Good on you for making the Google Chrome extension.

What I think is necessary is a better way of tracking time.

To start with, it would be great to have the time tracking ability within the Chrome extension.

Secondly, it would be great if you could extend your functionality of time tracking to accomodate for Start-Pause(break)-Stop type of function + reminder for when you forget to switch the timer off.

This may imply that time tracking would have to "highlight" an active task. If that means adding functionality of a "highlighted task" or "task in focus" - that would further emphasise the task that one is currently working on. So if I am working on "Task 1" right now - it will be "in focus" - and time tracking would be current on it. Otherwise, at this stage I have to use external time tracking tools and then go back to Redbooth in order to indicate how much time I spent on the task.

This could go as far as type of message board that would indicate to other members/managers who is working on which task... It could be like an alert saying "Nick has just started working on 'Task1' "

This will for sure put your app on another level in terms of being useful for great time tracking and managing the team/tasks. Otherwise apps like MeisterTasks or Mavenlink or Asana+Everhour will be in front in this category.

What about it the timer started and stopped on opening or closing a task?