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We use Redbooth in our organization and have a number of both laptop users (Mac and Windows) and also iOS devices (some people use iPad Pro 95% of the time for everything and no longer use desktops or laptops). The current iOS Redbooth app is very limited and has limited function. An iOS version that is identical to the desktop version would be tremendous. Right now, we cannot use the Redbooth iOS app and use the browser version in Safari

Everyone should vote for this. Find it odd that there would be a coud-based app that doesn't give you full cloud-based app experience on your pocket devices and iPad. This was a big step back in the newest iOS release.

The iOS app is TERRIBLE!!!! I have to open the laptop every time I have to see an image or attach a file. I can't believe how a company like this doesn't understand that most people are using mobile devices these days and don't focus their efforts to address this big issue they had for a long time. The only thing they do is the classic american phrase "We apologize for the inconvenience"... Well, stop apologizing and start making things happen. You're about to lose a customer who's been in love with Redbooth, including the previous iOS app's versions, but not anymore. Working with redbooth has become the most frustrating thing in my company for me and my staff. 


Hi Paul and Alvaro! Thanks for the honest feedback.  After the latest release, we had a few feature parity items that would roll later.  Next on our list is the ability to view and add attachments while in the app. They should be live in the coming week. Hopefully this helps! Let us know if there's anything else that would be crucial to your mobile workflow.  

After the big iOS update I am still discovering new things that are "missing" now that require me to be in front of my desk in order to work with (ex. getting conversation updates, creating new task lists, adding followers to tasks, adding new team members). As a project manager who is constantly on the go, the new app has had a hugely negative impact on my work flow. It doesn't make sense to me why the iOS app should be focused around task management for an individual as most work is done while sitting in front of a computer anyway (at least in my industry). On the mobile version, I care more about managing other people's tasks and communications than I do about my own tasks.

We have been TeamBox/Redbooth users for a long, long time but are now considering other options. I hope these issues can be addressed!

The IOS app has a negative impact on my workflow. This isn't what I'm paying for. I should not have to fallback on laptop, because the IOS app lacks functionality. Will have to consider available alternatives. 

Try Teamwork... Much better solution.

Too late... We're migrating all our projects to Teamwork.com

Hi Alvaro and MrShroom,

Last month we released the image and file preview into the iOS app, have your tried it out, yet?

MrShroom- what features are missing in iOS that negatively impact your workflow?


- Ryan