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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the note.  Can you explain a bit more about those situations?  i.e, what 'take control of their workspaces' and 'a little more capabilities' means to your team? 

Maybe there's an opportunity for some of the participants to be externals, (as an interim solution) ?



Hi Pavel,

I think I understand better.  In the interim, while migrating users, you can change their role to 'external', which you can have unlimited.  And then when you return to 5, you can change their role back to 'participant'.  Does this help?


Hi Hozak,

Redbooth does not have a limit on number of users in each workspace.  If you wish to migrate your Free plan to Pro plan, there is no user limit for this either.  

Am I understanding your concern correctly?


Hi Nixaccount,

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve iOS.  Both the + Add Task List and Workspace have been added to our upcoming roadmap.  We will begin work on those very soon.

Feel free to chime in with any more details or specifics about this experience in mobile. 



Hi Alvaro and MrShroom,

Last month we released the image and file preview into the iOS app, have your tried it out, yet?

MrShroom- what features are missing in iOS that negatively impact your workflow?


- Ryan

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the feedback.  Our June update of Redbooth iOS, 8.6.0, offers image preview.  And we'll soon have image upload (from camera, or library) because we know that's a big deal. 

If you haven't updated recently, the latest version (8.7) also offers @mentioning of your colleagues in comments, a feature that was highly requested.

Stay tuned!


Hi Elton,

Those are valid questions.  

Timeline end date is 1 year, and task dependencies are features of the Pro and Business plans.



We are not adding this to Redbooth.  It's an interesting idea, however.

Hello everyone! 

Moving this to the gathering feedback stage.  Could one, or a few, of you elaborate on items that you would save in a Timeline View pdf, or specific use cases for sharing?  And why is it that you aren't using the print to pdf function? 

For example:

I want: A pdf version of one Task List, plus options: Weeks, Don't show resolved tasks.


I want: A public URL thats shows all Task Lists, plus options: Months, show resolved tasks.

(We know many people are asking for "view all workspaces in timeline view".  That's a different topic)

Thank you!


Hi Mina,

I'm really sorry we made you feel this way, and today I'm happy to announce we've removed the 5 user minimum for smaller teams and solo rockstars like yourself. If you want to check it out, or have any questions, just give us a shout.