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We have not, thankfully, but it would be great to be ready if we ever had to

I work at an investment company and we are regulated by several governing bodies.  If needed, it would be very helpful to be able to export comments for their review.

Hi Ryan,  any update here?


A support number would solve a lot of issues.  They're pretty responsive to e-mails for us but sometimes you just want to pick up the phone

It's amazing to me that this has 40 likes, seems like one of the most simplistic features to add (as it's already there, we're jsut asking for more), yet we haven't even heard a word about it from Redbooth

Hi Ryan,

The way I envisioned could be one of two ways, and I can't decide which I'd prefer more.  

1. Users can select the tasks they want pushed to them.  Maybe this could be tasks tagged Urgent, or if RB can create a new characteristic just for this, get pushed 5 days before and on the day of.  

2. All tasks dur that day come up as a review in the morning

What do you think?


If this implemented, please do not make it get in the way for those who don't need it

I never knew this was a thing in the past.  I would love vertical stacking.  Or even better customizable grids