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Widget for the mobile apps showing your tasks Due Today

Raphael Sanguinete 2 years ago in Mobile / Android • updated by Dylan 2 days ago 7

Time Tracking

cOliver 2 days ago in Feature Requests • updated by Ryan Crosbie 2 days ago 1

Task Overview Section: Prioritize and Task Lists

Matthew Miller 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Reporting • updated by Ernest Miles 3 days ago 4

Allow us to sort task list as we want

Cindy 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by SSC 3 days ago 6

Enable spell checker as you type

April Macquarie 2 years ago • updated by Mark Quan 3 days ago 2

Outlook calendar integration

cOliver 3 days ago in Feature Requests 0

Ability to rearrange tasks in calendar view

ea 4 days ago in Feature Requests / Calendar 0

Save my "Sort by..." setting so I don't have to reset it every time

Trevor 2 weeks ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by Trevor Paesl 5 days ago 3