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Be able to download files at the Folder level - not file by file

DJRobbins 3 years ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- 0

It would be helpful to be able to download all files in 1 particular folder -- instead of having to download each individual file within a folder. For example, we have a "Design" folder with 15 images/files saved in there -- if we want them downloaded to our desktop, we have to click on each file -- we'd like to be able to download a selected folder.


Allow the big RED button/circle on bottom left to be moved so text can be viewed underneath it.

DJRobbins 3 years ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by Karthik Hemmanur 2 years ago 1

Allow the shortcut menu with the big red circle/button on the bottom left of screen to be moved around so that it doesn't cover up and hide verbiage. This is especially important when trying to view File names.


Allow change of date format

Hello, i have a simple idea that would benefit international users without their native language yet supported by this application.

We here in Poland use 24-hour system. There is no Polish language to choose from, but that's quite alright since most of us know English. But the dates are driving us mad, seeing for example 6.23pm is quite counter-intuitive for us, since we are not used at all to this format and it takes just a second figure it out.

It would be just great if there was an option to keep English language and switch to 24-h format in dates.

Anyway good job with this product, keep it up!


Allow customers to white label/rebrand their account

Especially important for client-facing customers


When do you release a portuguese version of redbooth?

nlobomoreira 1 year ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by Ryan Crosbie 1 year ago 1

it's the language you're missing.

You even have it in german and french...

If you haven't noticed, its the 6th most spoken language, with a potential market of more than 200 million people, in front of the german, with just 75 million (11th) and the french with 75 million(16th).

And no... Portuguese native language speakers don't speak spanish... It's the same than saying an english understands and speaks german, because of their saxonic origin.


Backup of conversations, chats and tasks for NON-Business accounts

NAP 2 years ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- 0

Offering the backup service for files, conversations and tasks for non-business customers, could add value to customers and give Redbooth competitive advantage over other services.

We are using Redbooth for a research for development project involving partners in different countries, which receives funds from international organizations. We need to submit reports of everything we do and also need to save backups in our server of files, emails (in this case conversations, chats) and project management activities (in this case tasks).

Current Redbooth tools do not facilitate doing backup and the reporting tools do not match our needs as we must report not only tasks but also conversations.


Preset Dependency (Parent Task Field) column on import from CSV/Excel

Tom Hartley 2 years ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by chris 1 year ago 1

It would be nice to be able to import my parent task field along with the tasks themselves.


Emails: Mention project in Subject or From

Dotan Cohen 2 years ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by deweerdts 1 year ago 1

Please consider adding the relevant Project to the Subject line or From name of Redbooth emails. My organization has developers assigned to a dozen projects at once, it is impossible to do anything productive with the emails without knowing to which project the belong.


See who's on the "Notify" list within the email notification

Love Redbooth and love the notifications. 

Adding a list of "who's on the Notify list" would make it easy to see who received an email notification (which means they'll continue to receive). Currently, when I receive an email I need to open the task in Redbooth and then open the "Notify" list to see who on there.

Basecamp does this best. See screenshot. 


Out of Office replies should come back into Redbooth tasks or conversations

Heather 8 months ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- 0

I've been writing to a client via Redbooth and had no idea they were on vacation. They have an out of office reply setup on their email but those messages don't come back into Redbooth.