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Team Expenses

Hi ! It would be great to have a feature when we each member of a project could submit an expense and manage a global budget per project.

Thank you


Email notifications on @mentions

Some of my colleagues do not keep on top of their dashboard and depend upon email notifications. These are currently limited to either assigned tasks or "everything", which may be too narrow or too broad a scope.

An option in https://redbooth.com/a/#!/settings/email to receive email notifications for any conversation or task wherein the person is @mentioned would therefore be useful.


Let Users Set Workspace View to Task List View by Default

Currently, the system-wide default view when entering a Workspace is that the workspace is shown in Task Column View. In Task Column View, the task lists are shown side-by-side in columns and to examine the detail you click on a task and a popup window lets you access the task detail and conversation.

You can switch to Task List View by click on a icon at the far right side of the workspace toolbar, which shows a two-pane view, with the task lists on the left and a task detail for the currently selected task on the right.

I am requesting a preference setting for both the web and tablet versions of Redbooth to set the default for a given user to Task List View instead of the system-wide existing default of Task Columns View.


Turn off email notifications on the weekend

jmeyers 2 years ago in Feature Requests / -No Category- • updated by jason 1 year ago 1

It would be nice to be able to turn off email notifications on tasks/workspaces on the weekend or on vacation. Could you select days of the week/times for updates and/or create a "vacation mode"?


French Language in Email


Can we have a langage choice in email notifications ?

Actually english but can we imagine to have all in french (daily email, digest email, ...) ?



Do not use relative dates in email

Often tasks are assigned to people at the end of the work day, and the assignee reads his mail regarding the tasks the next morning. This results in the situation where the assignee is receiving a task marked Due Tomorrow when it is in fact due on that day. Therefore, I suggest not using relative dates in email, which is liable to be read at a time later than when it was sent.

There is no Email category, so I am filing under -No Category-.