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IPad Pro is primary device

SBarr 10 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Federico 10 months ago 3

For those of us who use an iPad Pro almost exclusively, we do not "return" to a desktop workstation or laptop for Redbooth management and functionality. With the new iOS version that is very limited (and only has a fraction of what the desktop version has), it is not at all useful. Being "on the road" a lot and trying to manage a team with the iOS version is impossible. Can the previous iOS version (or a new version that is identical to desktop version) be released? This is a big step backwards

Federico 10 months ago

Thank you all for your feedback!

We are exited to announce that workspaces functionality has been released. Now you can access workspaces from the main navigation, view workspace lists, due dates and assignees.

We have more updates and improvements coming to the app in the coming weeks.

Check out the Help Center to learn more.


Where are the workspaces ?

Guillaume 11 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago 2

Why can't we access to our workspaces anymore in the new version ?

And why can't we post picture anymore ?

Ryan Crosbie 3 months ago

Hi Guillaume,

Workspaces and posting photos are back in the iOS app.  Marking this as completed :-)



In a mobile first world, could we add task list from within the iOS app?

Casper holm 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 5 months ago 4

would be really cool

Ryan Crosbie 5 months ago

Hi everyone,

You can now create new Task Lists in the workspaces view of iOS.  "New List' is conveniently located in the top right corner of the Workspace view. Thanks for hanging in there!


Gathering feedback

The new app is awful

sansyzinkowski 10 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Maja Foster 10 months ago 2

I am frustrated with this new version. What's the point having this on my iPhone, if all the functions are not available. Why change the product, the old version was better than ''tis new one. When will this issue be fixed....

Federico 10 months ago

Thank you for your feedback, we understand your concerns and are working hard to have more functionalities added to the app soon, please take a look at our planned upcoming features: https://redbooth.com/help/using-redbooth/ios-app/.

We would appreciate if you could share with us which functions that you see as essential for your workflow are currently missing.

Thank you


Add Time Tracking to iOS app

f2jhc 1 year ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

I would like to add the time i worked using the iOS app. I do all my work reviews in an iPad but i cannot log my work on Redbooth iOS because it lag of this feature. Thank you very much.


Edit description on iPhone/iOS app

JBQ 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by nessip 11 months ago 13

There is an annoying issue with the iOS app that I wish to see resolved: I can't edit the description once a task is created. This is weird because when I can edit it during creation.

Sarah Tanner 11 months ago

We are excited to announce the new Redbooth iOS app has launched! Thanks to the feedback from our dedicated users, the latest version of Redbooth iOS is focused on completing the work that’s relevant to you, wherever you use Redbooth. The new app was released as an update to the existing app and is supported on devices running iOS 10.

Now, you can edit any task title, description, due date, duration, urgent status, assignee and move tasks between lists.

We have more updates and improvements coming to the app in the coming weeks. Check out the Help Center to learn more.


Better clarity by setting the due date on mobile

Kai 6 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0


For me as someone, who likes setting up new tasks on his phone, I kind of struggle to easily set-up the right due date on my phone. I am someone, who is not very date-driven: Just see my two screenshots below to understand my point:

It's not a big problem, but when I want to set-up a task for "Wednesday in 2 weeks" I have to count manually how many days are between today and "Wednesday in 2 weeks", because there is just the date given.

If I for example go in my standard Apple calendar it is build up more user-friendly, as I have the upcoming day next to the actual date.

Maybe this is something others have also struggled with in the past. 

For me and my colleagues it would be a small add-on with huge impact/UX.

Thanks for reading, Kai


iOS app Calendar feature

sales 8 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

It would be great to view the calendar within the mobile iOS app.



Chat message issue in iphone

Catia 8 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 8 months ago 1

We always use chat message with our team work and suddenly has stop work at iphone  devices.This is a big fall back and it is a very deciding about continue using redbooth.I would like to see this resolve as soon as possible.