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Chat message issue in iphone

Catia 10 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 10 months ago 1

We always use chat message with our team work and suddenly has stop work at iphone  devices.This is a big fall back and it is a very deciding about continue using redbooth.I would like to see this resolve as soon as possible. 


iOS sub-task

Solange 1 year ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Sarah Tanner 1 year ago 3

Under the features that are not available for devices, there is no indication about the sub-task. Please correct me if I'm wrong. In my company, we use this feature a lot and we would like to be able for devices, specially because my production team is always moving.

If there is way - that I don't know - to see that in the dashboard, please share the info :)

Sarah Tanner 1 year ago

We are excited to announce the new Redbooth iOS app has launched! Thanks to the feedback from our dedicated users, the latest version of Redbooth iOS is focused on completing the work that’s relevant to you, wherever you use Redbooth. The new app was released as an update to the existing app and is supported on devices running iOS 10.

Now, you can see subtasks, subtask assignees and subtask due dates in the task detail view! And subtasks that are assigned to you will appear in your My Tasks list.

We have more updates and improvements coming to the app in the coming weeks. Check out the Help Center to learn more.

Gathering feedback

iPhone Email Sync

sean 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by emory.sean 2 years ago 2

For this to be fully intuitive, Redbooth NEEDS to be able to sync with my iphone calendar.


Audio Recorder Redbooth App

info 4 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

we are big fans of redbooth and my company use it everyday. We also use the iphone app more and more. It would be really great to have a voice recorder for tasks in the app ... so it would be much easier to get tasks done when you we are on the go.
Its just an input to make redbooth even greater.


We would like to repeat tasks with the app-version of Redbooth.

nicole.reisenberger 6 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

It would be great selecting the frequency of a task


Offline Mobility : Being able to create/delete/update/ssign task while being offline

Tarek Demiati 7 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

Being able to have an Iphone Redbooth app that could work offline would be extremely useful so I could create task even when I've no network (ie : in the plane/train)

Once I got network connection again all my offline activities should then be synchronize to redbooth.com


APP: Push notification for selected task due in X amount of time

Dylan 11 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 4 months ago 4

It would be great for the app if you can select a task to send you a push notification that the task selected is due in however many days you choose (either in advance such as "Due in 5 days" or on that day "Due Today")


Mobile App Dropbox

chris 1 year ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

With the new iOS app, there needs to be the ability to attach files directly from Dropbox in the task (similar to what was available in the previous mobile app)

Sarah Tanner 1 year ago

Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out. You can get to any task by using the search feature in the app. We know it's not a replacement for the full workspace view, but it allows you to get to any task within Redbooth as we rapidly work on implementing the workspace view. So stay tuned for an update including workspaces in the coming weeks! :-)

Regarding updates, all task updates that are visible in your Redbooth web account should appear in the iOS updates list. However, conversation updates are not included in the iOS app, so those might be the updates you are missing. Also, there is no time limit on the updates, it shows the same task updates that appear on web. To ensure you're looking at the most recent updates, pull to refresh the list. If you believe the app is not showing you the correct content as listed above please reach out to support and include screenshots of web and iOS updates list so we can investigate. Thanks!


download pictures on mobile

Bruce 1 year ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by John Gabaix 8 months ago 1

HAve redbooth on my apple iphone and cannot download images from redbooth to then use in other apps.

Not sure if this is not included in redbooth or I am not doing something properly