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Be able to change labels of task notifications sections (i.e., "Far Future" I see as "Near Future")

. . . as well as add my own, like "Next Week" or "Before the Holidays"


Double check

comercial 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

It is possible to see when other members have read the message? If not I think it is a helpfull idea.


Task List in Timeline & Calendar View

Sarah2323 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Calendar 0

1. Make the task list expandable in timeline – it is really inconvenient to have to click on each task to view

2. Make a better print option for the calendar – fit the month to 1 page with smaller font or 2 pages that separate cleanly and nice looking


Add a way to get rid of the chat on the right corner of workplaces

Alec 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Chat • updated by Irwin Kwan 1 year ago 1
Irwin Kwan 1 year ago

Hi Alec,

Your Redbooth admin can easily turn on/off certain communications features in Redbooth by going to the Organization settings: https://redbooth.com/help/organization-features-admins/


File Upload

Angela 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Attachments 0

We are just beginning to use Redbooth, but I see something I think could help our office for sure and probably others as well. I know how to upload a file, but without clicking the file tab, how does someone else on my team know it's there when glancing at the task? I feel like there needs to be some indication that there is a file awaiting whether it be a number beside the file or the file turns a different color or even if the file could be viewed within the task as well as one of the signs that there is in fact a file there.

Thanks in advance!


Add more width to task window

sjovani 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

I think current width of modal window when task is opened is too narrow.

Screens have great resolution and current window width 700px is not enough.

At least, It would be nice configure a minimum width of 1280px.

I've been testing modifying 2 lines of CSS to set 1280px and it seems work with no problem.



Two factor authentication

Luke Lathouwers 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Users 0

It would be nice (and safe) to be able to allow for two factor authentication (and maybe enforce it for your organisation).


Add task duration to tasks in task list templates

Catherine Lu 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task List Templates • updated by Irwin Kwan 1 year ago 1

I use the task list template a lot, but every time I need to manually change the duration of certain tasks. About half of the tasks are more than 1 day in duration, so it's rather time consuming to drag tasks in the timeline view, and it's more error prone.

Irwin Kwan 1 year ago

Hi Catherine,

Have you tried our Copy Project feature instead? https://redbooth.com/help/copy-a-workspace/


Provide a shortcut key for changing the date (especially increment by one day)

Deb Cameron 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Calendar 0

The calendar scrolls all over the place (months back and forward) sometimes. I usually want to move a due date forward by one or two days. A shortcut key would do the trick.


Filter for task list in workspace

Alex K 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

sometimes you need to work in a single task list while in a workspace and don't want to be distracted. We would really like the ability to filter for a task list while in a workspace. The way we do this now is to use the Omni search for the name of the tasklist, you end up getting the tasklist in your dashboard view but then you lose certain functionality, plus it's a pain. Ideally it would be a drop down on the tasklist header that would say "view this task list only" or something like that. This way you wouldn't have to carefully type the name each time in a filter search box.