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Hours logged so far as a total per task

Claire 2 years ago in Feature Requests 0

At the top of each opened task to have a total time of the hours logged in so far. This will help towards billing out time that has been spent on a particular task instead of using the reporting tool. The information is already displaying on the site elsewhere just to have in local to the task would be super helpful.

Gathering feedback

Print Task Overview Report

angelica 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by Màxim Colls 2 years ago 1

Would like to see the ability to print the new "Task Overview Report."


Input Form: Make it possible for external people to assign tasks (e.g. projects from other teams to be accomplished), like in JIRA

Philipp J. 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

it would be great to let external people interact with our redbooth environment as well.

One could create input forms (like google forms or JIRA) with preselected questions, that result in a task list (e.g. input task list from external). In that way collaboration with other people from the company not using Redbooth would be easier

(currently we use google forms and import the tasks to redbooth, which is a hazzle)


Multple user for task - with individual resolve

I LOVE having multiple people assigned to a task. The confusion our team is having is that one person will resolve the task thinking they are just resolving it for themselves. Is there a way to make it more clear or have a way for an individual to resolve the task for themselves, but not the whole group?


Correlative Number for Workspace and Task.

eponce 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking 0

Maybe Workspace and Task should be a correlative number. This might be simpler to keep track and a reference to a topic


workspaces in dashboard

Pete Nowicki 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Gonçalo Rocha 2 years ago 1

there is so much room on the dashboard, could you maybe have a box with all workspaces? or at least a dedicated page that lists all your workspaces right on the top level? at any given time I am part of 10 projects, its frustrating not to have an easily accesible overview.


Mark up automatically as "read" or "seen" when member opens task

Mart 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated 2 years ago 0

Working in Redbooth a bit has med it obvious you need som kind of system to mark if an assigned member has read the task.

- You need the feedback if the task you have assigned has been noticed/seen by the assigned member/members. So you have the option to remind or push for it to be prioritized. (a bit frustrating as it is now not knowing if the task you posted has been seen)

Maybe it is enough to auto mark as "seen" by the member when a task is opened (to read details)

(Similar to Facebook when you post in a group - where you can se who has seen the post)

If not enough there could also be an optional manual mark "seen" where you can mark it in task list without opening the task.

In addition to this - why not a thumbs up (the other ones not necessary) in the comment tool. A good way to give a quic feedback when you have seen a task and you like it - or as a sign that you get it.

If its a button it just easy to use it and give assignments a thumbs up.


Add Report aboyt Teams KPI

Create reports to show performance KPIs (per time: day, week, month) as:

  • Number of solution tasks
  • Number of delays
  • Number of tasks unfulfilled

Issue with assignees when using multiple organizations

JBQ 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

I'm using two distinct organizations in my Redbooth account. Since Redbooth introduced the multiple assignees feature there is a regression when using several organizations.

Scenario to reproduce:

- let's say organization A has team members P1 and P2, both are members of workspace W1

- organization B has members P3 and P4, both are members of workspace W2

- load redbooth, and create a new task in a task list of workspace W1 (of organization A). You will be able to assign P1 and P2, but you also have P3 and P4 in the list (why not, I find it annoying but that could be an interesting feature). If you choose P3 or P4 you will be prompted to add them to the workspace.

- Validate the form, task is created

- Now create a new task, and select a task list in workspace W2 (of organization B). And surprise, if you wish to assign P3 or P4 Redbooth claims they must be first added to the workspace, whereas they already belong to it! And if I do invite them, they will now be part of organization A!

This scenario exhibits a bug in how Redbooth handle assignees in multiple organizations. When selecting a workspace in the naw task dialog, Redbooth must switch its internal representation to refresh who is part of which organization, and who belongs to which workspace.


Defaulting to tasks...Ugh!

Aaron Diamond 2 years ago in Feature Requests 0

Rather then defaulting to tasks when choosing a different workspace to view can you give the user an option to selection where he/she wants to go with-in the program?