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Gathering feedback

Create Task from Email

Nixaccount 2 years ago in Redbooth APIs • updated 2 years ago 2

I'm sure it is easier said then done. However, the idea of being able to CREATE a TASK from email would save a great deal of time. As of now, it is either "forward email" and try to remember all the workspaces and task lists OR...it is COPY, go to RB, create task, Paste email in notes, etc. A simple: Click to Create Task in RB would be amazing.

Màxim Colls 2 years ago

Hello! Thanks for the feedback :)

What email client are you using? If you use Gmail or Outlook we have two plug-ins that allow you to do that. Here you have the help center links to learn more about it :)





Programtically Create Tags Via API Requests

JMac 3 months ago in Redbooth APIs • updated by chris 3 months ago 1

Via the /task endpoint, have the ability to create tags programmatically. Right now you can only add them manually within the application.


API for resolve / active tasks

snehalshinde 10 months ago in Redbooth APIs • updated by Ryan Crosbie 10 months ago 1

Please help me to activate tasks which are marked resolved by PHP API.

Thank you. 


API possibilities

Sebastian 2 years ago in Redbooth APIs 0

Hi all,

I have read the API documentation, but I have some questions, just to be sure before we would begin to develop a client to retrieve our data.

Is it possible to access all workspaces and tasks, including comments and files, with a developer account?

And, if so, is it possible to download the file contents too?

I know, that this is no feedback in the conventional sense, but I try to contact the Redbooth Support through https://redbooth.com/help/contact/ and I receive always an error "Your message was not sent. This may be a temporary issue so please try again later.". This error occurs for a few days now.

Best regards