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Gathering feedback

iOS Sorting Features

Nixaccount 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Marty Nator 11 months ago 4

iOS app offers ability to "find any task." However, there is no ability as I can see to sort by People or Due Dates or Completed, Assigned To, Assigned by or other important sorting options as it would apply to all tasks and all workspaces.

Federico 2 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. Your comment on not being able to sort the search results helps us understand where we should focus on next. You can see below in this link in which functionalities we're focusing for the next updates of the iOS application: https://redbooth.com/help/using-redbooth/ios-app/.

We'll update that link with planned upcoming features as we release new updates.

Thank you.


Que se puedan imputar horas en la app movil

Mariano Sanz Gil 3 years ago in Mobile / Android • updated by David Little 2 years ago 9

Esto ya estaba hace tiempo pero lo quitaron. Es muy interesante porque muchas veces se te olvida hacerlo en la web o aplicación de escritorio y sólo dispones de la aplicación móvil.

anonymous 2 years ago


Thanks everyone for your passionate feedback. I'm happy to announce that time-tracking is back in the Android app! As of our latest release it is now available again. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have ideas for further enhancements.




iOS Feature: Adding a NEW Master Task List and adding a NEW Workspace

Nixaccount 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 1 year ago 3

From within iOS RB App, it would seem we can currently create new tasks but only ones that can be assigned to an Existing Workspace and/or an Existing Master Task List. When adding a task, and selecting the Workspace or List, adding an option (top or bottom of listed existing items) to "CREATE NEW Workspace" or "CREATE NEW List" would seem to be a functional option if iOS app is to be more than a "At A Glance" mobility tool. Thank you.

Ryan Crosbie 1 year ago

Hi Nick,

An update here.  You can now create new workspaces in Redbooth iOS!

To do this:  click on Workspace in the bottom navigation, then click the + button in the top right.  You can give it name, choose an organization (if you belong to multiple), and choose the privacy setting.




iOS Workspace View: Option to Collapse and Expand Master Task List for navigation.

Nixaccount 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 1 year ago 5

Current Workspace view in iOS provides for Main Master Task List with all the listed Primary Tasks. However, if a user happens to have 5 or 6 Master Task Lists and each list has 10 to 15 Primary Tasks on each list, the only option is to scroll A LOT to get all the way to the bottom. The feature to simply Expand or Contract/Collapse the Master Task List would make it much easier to navigate from within Workspaces.

Ryan Crosbie 1 year ago

Hi everyone,

Thanks for voting on this feature.  Today we launched a task rollup, which allows you to easy expand and collapse task list in the workspace view of iOS.  Please update to 8.13.0 to see this in action.




iOS Workspace Feature: Add Task within iOS Workspace and from within a Master Task List

Nixaccount 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

Current iOS Workspace view does not provide for ADDING a Task. Also, while navigating within iOS Workspace view from within a Master Task List, there is no Add Task option. The only current navigation is to Exit Workspace over to Tasks and then create task. As it stands now, iOS Workspace is a "view screen" until you enter a specific task listed on a Master Task List from within the iOS Workspace. Adding a Task from within a specific iOS workspace should "auto assume" the task is being added to a list within that specific iOS Workspace. If a specific Master Task List was a selection option (which it is not currently), adding a Task would assume it is within that iOS Workspace and Within the Master Task List.


Swipe Task to Complete IOS

Nixaccount 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated 2 years ago 1

In IOS App iPhone :

1. Ability to checkbox complete from Task List view. Currently we have to open each task to check off as completed.

2. An upgrade from #1 above. Swipe or Slide controls to check as check as complete, schedule, move, etc.

Gathering feedback

Provide iOS app functionality as planned with estimated Timeline

Nixaccount 2 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 1 year ago 0

Is it possible to get a bullet point outline of the target IOS APP functionality as it is planned currently? Your answer may be a "mirror" of the web/desktop and that would be great. OR...it may be a variation of it with limited functionality and features as outlined.

Also, if you have an estimated benchmark/phase timeline you could share that too would be great. (Due dates change but a range in time would be helpful. Is it May or is it July/August? Etc.)

I think the hard part at this point is "waiting for the unknown."

Thank you in advance for you consideration.


IOS App Sync Problems

Ben D 3 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Sarah Tanner 2 years ago 13

The app should sync in the background and stay current. Right now there is the need to re-sync core date frequently. Makes it difficult to stay up to date if the app is not accurately reflecting the current status of the workspaces.

Sarah Tanner 2 years ago

We are excited to announce the new Redbooth iOS app has launched! Thanks to the feedback from our dedicated users, the latest version of Redbooth iOS is focused on completing the work that’s relevant to you, wherever you use Redbooth. The new app was released as an update to the existing app and is supported on devices running iOS 10.

With the increased stability and improved design you can be sure you're content is up to date! Now, simply pull to refresh on any screen to receive the ensure you're viewing current Redbooth content.

We have more updates and improvements coming to the app in the coming weeks. Check out the Help Center to learn more.


normalize web and mobile interface

Daniel Smith 3 years ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Sarah Tanner 2 years ago 2

mobile version

The main navigation is too inconsistent between web/desktop apps and the mobile app (on iPad, at least).

  • Dashboard and Workspaces swapped places in the mobile app
  • Mobile has a chat icon, Desktop doesn't (but it should!!!)
  • Mobile equivalent of "HD Meetings" is on the right instead of the left, and only shows up when in the chat section.
  • User Account is a sub-item of worksapces in mobile; why? There's space at the top right, just like on the Desktop interface.
  • Can't create a workspace from the mobile app!
  • Does the chat list really need to be on every single screen in the mobile app? It already has a chat icon on the menu; isn't that enough?

I think the mobile app should have the equivalent of the big red button that the desktop app has in the bottom left corner. Instead it has a context-dependent + icon in the top right corner, which is useless in the chat area because you already have the equivalent of that feature on the screen.

Sarah Tanner 2 years ago

Thanks Daniel for your feedback.

Your detailed and thoughtful suggestions are very much appreciated. Totally agree that some of the inconsistencies between the platforms are confusing and we'll try to improve this over time.

Thanks for your help and your business!



Widget for the mobile apps showing your tasks Due Today

Raphael Sanguinete 2 years ago in Mobile / Android • updated by Dylan 7 months ago 7

It will be great if theres a widget for Android mobile app showing the tasks due today (like the panel in the browser app).

I use my cellphone in the morning to plan my day and this widget will be great to speedup the process. Besides that, when doing some outside work, its important to have the tasks right on my home screen to act quickly and dont forget anything.

Ryan Crosbie 7 months ago

Hi everyone,

We recently launched the widget for Android.  The widget is similar to the "My Tasks" Redbooth feature, which shows your upcoming tasks. Please give it a try, we hope you like it!