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Allow for Filters to Sort on (Android) Mobile App

chrystalt 1 month ago in Mobile / Android 0

On the traditional web browser view, there is an option to filter the items shown.

I use this feature to organize the task I will work on next. 

For example: if I need to email a follow up on several tasks, I would sort by the specific tag that I use to notate an upcoming action. I may set filter to search for #email, then it would show me all the tasks that I need to email someone about.

It would be helpful to have this filter option on the Mobile version as well.


Android App - view tasks by user

marin.pancirov 2 months ago in Mobile • updated by Ryan Crosbie 2 months ago 1

Currently in the mobile app, we can't see other team members tasks, and that is making the app useless (to me) as a team leader.


Audio Recorder Redbooth App

info 4 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

we are big fans of redbooth and my company use it everyday. We also use the iphone app more and more. It would be really great to have a voice recorder for tasks in the app ... so it would be much easier to get tasks done when you we are on the go.
Its just an input to make redbooth even greater.


We would like to repeat tasks with the app-version of Redbooth.

nicole.reisenberger 6 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

It would be great selecting the frequency of a task


Offline Mobility : Being able to create/delete/update/ssign task while being offline

Tarek Demiati 7 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

Being able to have an Iphone Redbooth app that could work offline would be extremely useful so I could create task even when I've no network (ie : in the plane/train)

Once I got network connection again all my offline activities should then be synchronize to redbooth.com


Private or Public selection choice in iOS APP (Mobile platform)

Nixaccount 10 months ago in Mobile 0

Without this option, entering Tasks in the iOS app are strictly limited to adding PUBLIC tasks only.  If I need to add a task that is PRIVATE to a specific person on the team, I cannot use the iOS App.  I have to wait until I get to a computer or fumble around the (non mobile) version of the website on my iOS device.  Adding the option to select PRIVATE when creating a TASK on iOS would open up a new world of functionality to the platform.  

Thank you for considering.


APP: Push notification for selected task due in X amount of time

Dylan 10 months ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS • updated by Ryan Crosbie 4 months ago 4

It would be great for the app if you can select a task to send you a push notification that the task selected is due in however many days you choose (either in advance such as "Due in 5 days" or on that day "Due Today")


App and Website Notifications only on business times

matthias 11 months ago in Mobile 0

possibility to select personal business times. only in this time range the notifications are sent.. this will help a lot to reduce permanently ringing phone while not working.. for situations with time differences this is worth a lot.


Mobile App Dropbox

chris 1 year ago in Mobile / Apple / iOS 0

With the new iOS app, there needs to be the ability to attach files directly from Dropbox in the task (similar to what was available in the previous mobile app)


New Tasks created with app do not appear in the list

Christoph 1 year ago in Mobile • updated by Irwin Kwan 1 year ago 3

I just created a new task using the app and this task does not appear in the list. I have to use the search button in order to find it... could you please fix that bug? Otherwise the app is useless