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Que se puedan imputar horas en la app movil

Mariano Sanz Gil 3 years ago in Mobile / Android • updated by David Little 2 years ago 9

Esto ya estaba hace tiempo pero lo quitaron. Es muy interesante porque muchas veces se te olvida hacerlo en la web o aplicación de escritorio y sólo dispones de la aplicación móvil.

anonymous 2 years ago


Thanks everyone for your passionate feedback. I'm happy to announce that time-tracking is back in the Android app! As of our latest release it is now available again. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have ideas for further enhancements.




Widget for the mobile apps showing your tasks Due Today

Raphael Sanguinete 2 years ago in Mobile / Android • updated by Dylan 7 months ago 7

It will be great if theres a widget for Android mobile app showing the tasks due today (like the panel in the browser app).

I use my cellphone in the morning to plan my day and this widget will be great to speedup the process. Besides that, when doing some outside work, its important to have the tasks right on my home screen to act quickly and dont forget anything.

Ryan Crosbie 7 months ago

Hi everyone,

We recently launched the widget for Android.  The widget is similar to the "My Tasks" Redbooth feature, which shows your upcoming tasks. Please give it a try, we hope you like it!


Be able to view done tasks on mobile.

Arturo Espinosa 2 years ago in Mobile / Android • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 1

On mobile, I can only see pending tasks, but not those marked as done, as in the web version.

anonymous 2 years ago

Hi Arturo,

Great news! You can now view completed/done tasks in the app. Just scroll to the bottom of the task list and you'll see a little "expand" arrow. Tap on that and all your done tasks are shown. Hope you enjoy the new feature and thanks for your great suggestion!



Gathering feedback

Receive push notifications on for tasks assigned to me, assigned by me

Chad 2 years ago in Mobile / Android • updated by Dylan 2 years ago 2

The ability to receive push notifications regardless of who actually assigns the task. For example, being able to create a task and assign it to myself for self notification purposes. I feel the notifications are lacking if using for individual use. Otherwise you guys are amazing!!

anonymous 2 years ago

Hi Chad,

Interesting suggestion. Thanks for posting. We'll consider as we get more feedback.




Sort by due date

nunofrota 4 months ago in Mobile / Android 0


In the Redbooth mobile app is it possible to have the option to see the workspaces tasks sort by "Due Date"?

It would be fantastic because when we have a lot of tasks, only with sort by due date is it possible to see all urgent and important tasks we have to do, and not having everything mixed.

When the tasks are assigned to me, I see all of them sort by due date.

But when the tasks are assigned to other users, the tasks are all mixed and it is not good, it is hard to make follow up of the issues.

Thank you very much.


Amazon Fire HD or apk download

JF99 1 month ago in Mobile / Android • updated by Ryan Crosbie 1 month ago 1


I have an Amazon Fire HD tablet that though based on Android, uses the Amazon app store instead of Google play.

Can you either make the apk available for download or look into Amazon app store inclusion?

Than you


Allow for Filters to Sort on (Android) Mobile App

chrystalt 8 months ago in Mobile / Android 0

On the traditional web browser view, there is an option to filter the items shown.

I use this feature to organize the task I will work on next. 

For example: if I need to email a follow up on several tasks, I would sort by the specific tag that I use to notate an upcoming action. I may set filter to search for #email, then it would show me all the tasks that I need to email someone about.

It would be helpful to have this filter option on the Mobile version as well.