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Integrate New Slack "Actions"

MichaelT 2 months ago in Apps & Integrations • updated 2 months ago 2

Slack has recently introduced "Actions" which look to be a powerful way of creating tasks from text within Slack. I know we would use this to quickly provide the basis for a task that could be fleshed out later

Here is information on the API - it looks like it wouldn't take too much bandwidth to introduce to Redbooth



Outlook integration- Add email to task

WhitneyMc 4 months ago in Apps & Integrations 0

Ability to add an email to a task all ready created (as a subtasks, or comment) vs only being able to convert an email to a task. 


Zapier Integrations

Bernadine 4 months ago in Apps & Integrations 0

Can you create more Zaps specifically for Trello and Asana but also email marketing integrations would be good


Integration/Sync with Trello and Asana

Bernadine 4 months ago in Apps & Integrations 0

Can you add an integration with Trello and Asana or either one.  I work with multiple clients as a project manager but they have their own systems which are fully built out so moving to Redbooth isn't necessarily an option.  It would be great to have a sync to these platforms as that would allow me to manage my business and tasks across all my whole client portfolio in one place without having to use multiple applications to update the progress of my work.  The integration should include updating tasks and adding/moving tasks.  


ADFS SAML compatible

julien.drouvroy 5 months ago in Apps & Integrations 0

Force users to use SAML after integration.

Stephen M 6 months ago in Apps & Integrations 0

After implementing SAML it would be to force users to use SAML by either expunging passwords or some other method. Currently with SAML enabled users can login by either their original password or SAML. We'd like it to be SAML only.


Bring back images to app

Nicholas Karlovasitis 12 months ago in Apps & Integrations • updated by Ryan Crosbie 12 months ago 1

The app no longer allows for uploading or viewing images🤦🏻‍♂️. This is a major issue as it severely impacts productivity and mobile workers. Pretty basic functionality that is available on most platforms. We now have to take images on our phones etc and use the desktop app or other apps to show these... seriously what were you guys thinking…

Ryan Crosbie 12 months ago

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the feedback.  Our June update of Redbooth iOS, 8.6.0, offers image preview.  And we'll soon have image upload (from camera, or library) because we know that's a big deal. 

If you haven't updated recently, the latest version (8.7) also offers @mentioning of your colleagues in comments, a feature that was highly requested.

Stay tuned!



I have more than one gmail account how can i use the plugin for more than one?

jan 1 year ago in Apps & Integrations • updated 1 year ago 1

I have my own company account, which works great with the plugin, but i want to configure another gmail account with the plugin, how do i do this??


Issue in gmail plugin

Hi, I'm using the gmail plugin for Google Chrome and it works fine for creating a new task from an email or from the inbox. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to view my current tasks. Does someone know why that may be. Thank you