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Cisco Spark: Create new task when a Spark post is Flagged for followup

M. Brooks 1 year ago in Apps & Integrations • updated 1 year ago 1

create task in a default "incoming" task list or workspace when a Spark post is marked for follow-up. Provide an option to immediately unflag the post so that actionable items are managed solely in Redbooth and not in multiple places.


Cisco Spark: Integrate to different room per task list instead of per workspace.

M. Brooks 1 year ago in Apps & Integrations 0

For a recurring workflow that can be defined by a single set of tasks, need that set (task list) within a workspace to update a unique Spark room.


JIRA integration

Integration with JIRA in its entire workflow so that status updates can occur in either Redbooth or JIRA where the status will get updated.


Having the option of taking facebook messages to attribute them to a task and assign it to a partner

Octavio rubio 2 years ago in Apps & Integrations 0

When working on Facebook advertising, users comment on posts, what need is there an application that automatically take facebook message of these comments, the can assign the task and apply the appropriate user. regards


Convert an email into a task comment

Toni Serrano 2 years ago in Apps & Integrations 0

That would be great outlook plugin incorporate a button that would add an email as commentary task. For example, when a project working with outsiders who do not have access to corporate Redbooth, confirmations tasks in turn come to us via email. If that email could become a commentary task, you could have all the monitoring project in one place. Thank you very much.


ConceptBoard integration

Redbooth mentions ConceptBoard in a blog post about great collaboration tools... Having now tried it, I agree, and would very much like to see it integrated with Redbooth!

It would be great to have full integration, where a new concept board could be started from within Redbooth, and existing/attached concept boards edited within Redbooth. However, it would probably be sufficient to have an integration similar to Evernote, where a concept board could be attached and then viewed within Redbooth (preferably with a link to the ConceptBoard site to edit).


UserEcho.com integration for simple helpdesk / hot link beetween customers / manager / developpers

Like I found in TeamWork and Teamwork Desk ;)


Integration with Join.me ?