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Adding Groups to workspaces

As my team consists of leaders and trainers, would it be possible to add groups to workspaces, then if you have a set team that needs to be assigned a task/s, it would be easier than assigning the task individually.


Personal Workspace colour

Edwin 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Saruccio 2 years ago 1

It would be good if you could select whether a workspace colour is spread across all in the organisation for the specific workspace. At the moment, the option is available for individuals but if you want to have the same colour coordination across the organisation, it has to be done manually by each member. maybe a simple radio button suggesting to spread across all users would be enough at that point but only the creator of the workspace or all admins could control the colour...


Undo deleting

stian jacobsen 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Jordy Schreuders 2 years ago 1

Sometimes a user may delete a task that perhaps was crucial. There should be a and "Undo" option for like 10 seconds.


"Use via email" and "Helpdesk for customer emails" change

Daniel Hurd 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Mario Hennenberger 2 years ago 2

"Use via email" and "Use via email" and "Helpdesk for customer emails" in Workspace Settings doesn't give you the option to change the name of the email address if you've changed the name of the Workspace. At the very least it would be helpful if the name of the email address changed automatically to whatever the Workspace is named.


Security by task list

Would like the ability to share task lists within a work space with different people.


Disable auto-color assignment to workspaces

When other users share a workspace with me, a color is automatically assigned to it.

Please disable that auto-coloring.

I use the coloring at my own discretion for specific workspaces, so it is confusing when a task is assigned to me from a workspace that has a color not applied by me. I must remove it every time this happens, which is annoying.




Logos to help quickly see which workspace task belongs to

sam 11 months ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects 0

Please could we have an option to add logos or images to workspace names to help quickly see what the workspace is without having to read the first few lines of each.


Global workspace color for the organization

Claire 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Adam Reece 3 months ago 1

Instead of just having personal workspace color within workspace settings, have a global setting to allow eveyone in the organization to see the same colours. This would be controlled via the main administrator of the organization.


Skills Suggestion

athomas 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by JDaly 2 years ago 1

If I start a new project, I would like to see a suggestion of people in my group that has a skill that might be of use with my project. It may use some key words that looks for people.


I would like to be able to print or save the workspace reports

Saving or printing workspace reports would give me the opportunity to follow up the progress on the particular project workspace, One of the main reason I decided to use Redbooth is the excellent reporting - now I would like to utilise it further in my monthly reports.