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Customizable Workflows

Joshua Moxon 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by patrick 2 years ago 1

While Redbooth is great at recording issues and assigning responsibility it is difficult to organize the thousands of tasks that we have into a meaningful workflow.

I would love to be able to organize tasks and tasks lists into something other than just waterfall. A kanban board for implementing an an agile workflow would be incredibly helpful. Being able to organize tasks into milestones and sprints with points for creating burn down charts would be awesome.

Ideally there would be a view for each type of workflow that shows the status of work by workspace, multiple spaces, or all spaces, and that allows you to update tasks from that board. The primary view for each workspace could be chosen as either Issues (current style), Kanban, or Sprint. This would also be helpful for putting up on a big dashboard so that everyone can see what is currently being worked on and what is next to be worked on.

https://tree.taiga.io has something like there where you can view stuff as either sprint or kanban.


Would like the ability to categorize my workspaces

Have many workspaces and would like to sort these by the customers they pertain too. Perhaps you can create a customizable field that we can sort the workspaces under?


Responsive layout

Make the workspace responsive..


Optional view to have workspaces back in a left column

Shala Wilson Graham 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Niels Baumbach 1 year ago 1

My team really preferred having the workspaces listed down the left column in the previous version, as opposed to hiding everything in a dropdown. It just becomes harder to run production meetings because I have to keep going back to the drop down and finding where I left off to go to the next project. I used to just go straight down a list in one click.


Project Manager assigned to a "Project" (Workspace)

roseanne 3 weeks ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Ryan Crosbie 3 weeks ago 1

1) we'd like to have a way to "assign" a user as the "Project Manager" of a Workspace even though many other users might be invited to the workspace.
2) We'd like a way for the project managers to see what projects are theirs in a list or report, (other than marking the workspaces as favorites)
3) We'd like a way for the project managers to see a timeline containing all/only their projects, with one line per project, even if there are no tasks presently, specifically assigned to them.
4) We'd like the Principal of our company to be able to see in a list or report, which workspaces belong to which project managers.


expand column for workspace name

kenji 1 month ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Ryan Crosbie 1 month ago 1

Some workspace names are long and cannot be fully seen from the workspace drop down box or even in the title of the workspace page. There should be a way to see the whole workspace name, especially from the workspace page. Should be able to click and drag the right edge of the column to make it bigger, like you can do in Windows Explorer.


Remove red workspace color default

rperez 2 months ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Ryan Crosbie 2 months ago 4

I would like to retain the choice between having a color or no color on new workspaces. Personally, I do not use colors almost ever, and I would prefer to have that option. The few new workspaces I have been added to this week are red by default, and it makes my workspaces lists and dashboard look cluttered. I do not want to be forced to use the color feature! I do hope that you provide an option to remove workspace color. 


Location of notifications

6363Flounder 5 months ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Ryan Crosbie 4 months ago 1
I suggest that you have notifications (all of them) appear at the bottom of the _right_ pane, rather than the left pane. My group's folders tend to have many files, and the bottom of the left pane - which is where the newest, and usually the most interesting, files are listed - is always getting obscured by notifications, such as feedback requests and upload confirmations. The right-hand pane has lots of unused real estate that I think would be ideal for notifications.

always show (favorite) workspace

Like Dashboard, always show (favorite) Workspace-Icons.

If it is not enough space in second menu, then on left-side (like Folders)


Workspace Description - About

Kristyn Norris 6 months ago in Feature Requests / Workspaces/Projects • updated by Ryan Crosbie 6 months ago 1

I just found the about the workspace hidden in the workspace settings. My team would love to use this but since its hidden it won't be easy for everyone to see or find. We would love to be able to see this on the main workspace page or somewhere easier to find.

Ryan Crosbie 6 months ago

Hi Kristyn,

We just brought the About page back from a long hibernation.  But since its not a page one would need to frequently, we'll keep it under the settings icon for now.  In the future, it could live closer to the top of the settings menu.