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Notification for late in due date of a task

It would be great to receive a notification about tasks that i open and one of my team member is late to do it.

I open every day dozens of tasks with due dates - NOT always my team is able to complete the tasks at the time i gave them.

right now - they keep it with the original due date.

In order to understand the status of each one of them - i need to create separate report for each one of them.

The idea is a tool for managers to help us track all the tasks that our employees didn't complete.




Automatic assigning of dates before and after a specific time point, X plus or minus Y days or weeks

I have a template for a set of tasks which have to be repeated to set up training dates, which I can copy into my workspace, but it would be super handy if I could plug in the date of the training and Redbooth could work out all the dates for me. I know that things have to happen a certain amount of days and weeks before and after the training date, and it's pretty laborious to work out all the dates myself. Seems like this could pretty easily be made automatic! Does anyone know any other software that does this, failing Redbooth?


Time Input in IOS app

CURLY 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking 0

used to be on both android and ios when i signed up. Then the feature went away on both. Now it's back on android. Any plans for a return on IOS???


Assign subtasks for teammembers

rodrigo.islas 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking • updated by Joshua Moxon 2 years ago 1

To assign teammebers to subtasks.


Timetracking in API to integrate with Drive

We would love to be able to get timetracking info to google spreadsheets.


Hours worked today/this week, or customizable default filters in Time Tracking

Jérémy FRERE 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking • updated 2 years ago 0

In my company we have this deal that X Redbooth checked-in hours should be done each week. We choose how we like to balance those hours across week days. After this amount is reached we can stop and do whatever we please.

So for me I like to think that I should do X/5 hours every week day and I'll hit the X hours mark by Tuesday evening.

The thing is, each time I want to know how many hours I've made today or this week, I have to go in "Time tracking", hit the "View by task" filter (which I almost never need to use anyway), and switch to "View by user" so I can see how many hours I've made today on the day cell, and see how many hours I've made this week on the last cell for this week.

So for me there are two solutions to my problem, and both are I think interesting to be implemented.

The first would be to add a counter always visible on the top bar near my avatar, saying "X hours done today", with "today" being a <select> tag allowing to switch to "this week".

The second would be to be able to choose a default filter on the "Time tracking" page, or maybe just use the same that was used the last time.


Improvements to Time Tracking UX

m.sasso 2 months ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking 0

Here's a couple of nice-to-haves that I have already reported through a support request, and that I was encouraged to share with the wider world:

  • Preloading data for adjacent months, so it doesn't take seconds to switch back-and forth
  • Some days from adjacent months are shown as empty, because only current month's data is loaded. This is confusing, because sometimes I know there should be tasks there, and they don't show up, and then I remember I have to switch month to see them. Those days are grayed out, but loading the data is not a big deal, so why not do that instead?

Let people add time for other members on a task.

cvolpe 7 months ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking 0

We put our meetings in the system for both client meetings and internal design meetings. It would be nice if I could create the task, and then add the time for all the people that participated. Instead I have to wait for every member to add their own time, which occasionally they forget or the enter it on the wrong day and forget to adjust.



Time Tracking export should include tasks being locked - supervisor or admin should be allowed to see the time recorded

Reinhard 9 months ago in Feature Requests / Time Tracking • updated by Ryan Crosbie 9 months ago 3

As an admin I tried to export all time reported with time tracking to get an overview of all the hours worked. As it turns out all tasks locked, and for which an admin is not allowed to get notified, are not included in the report. I am not interested to see the content, just the hours. How can locked time records be accessed by an admin or supervisor?

Response by technical support:

The ability for an 'admin' to see hours worked if the task is Private would be an enhancement request over an actual bug with our current functionality. This is expected behavior for private tasks if you aren't part of the task. 

I would encourage you to enter this enhancement idea in our feedback forum that our product team monitors. This is a direct pipeline to that team who makes decisions on our enhancements. 

Feel free to reach out to me with any additional questions, thank you.

Kenneth Lodge