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Vitas, DK 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

Fine in Tasks to activate the "responsible contact person", however again missing to add/edit "FOLLOWERs" to Tasks. Thanks


Aging tasks

Chris Thoma 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

I'd like to be able to run a report on tasks that are aging. In other words, review which tasks haven't been touched in the last week or month or some other time period. I'd like to check to see what I've let sit for a long time.

If there is a way to do this now, please let me know! I like searching for tasks by when last modified - this would be the flip side of that.


how to copy a set of sub-tasks to multiple tasks

max 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

I need to add a set of subtasks to some 30 existing tasks. Would prefer not to do the same thing 30 times over.


Custom Repeat of Due Dates

rfarrell 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

Allow due dates to create a repeating task that repeats at a unique frequency other than weekday, day, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.


Push notifications (or e-mail) that selected task is due that day

Dylan 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

It would be great to be able to individually select certain tasks you're assigned to (or even subtasks) and have a push notification or e-mail that the task is due that day. Right now we're able to receive an e-mail with all tasks assigned to me but that doesn't help much.

If there's one item in my entire list I want to be notified of, it would be amazing to have that show up on my phone as a push reminder.


Tasks with a date like "every wednesday" or "every 2 weeks"

Kaila Covián 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

Being able to add task with a date like "every wednsday" or "every 2 weeks" so they are added automatically everytime they get completed.


Show number of comments on a task in the overview

SED_Ohio 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks 0

On the overview screen, indicate that comments have been added to the task. Even better, allow a hover on the indicator to display them.


Show subtask completion in activity log

Joonas Hämäläinen 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Tasks • updated by Màxim Colls 1 year ago 1

Currently when someone marks subtask done, it doesn't track who did it or when it was done. That should cause both notification and log entry to all activity log.

Màxim Colls 1 year ago

Hello Joonas,

You should see a trail message whenever a subtask is resolved, similar to this one:

Please, contact support (help@redbooth.com) if you can't see those trail messages.

Thanks for the feedback!