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Sort completed tasks by date or alpha

VEbyDesign 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by Màxim Colls 1 year ago 3

There may be a way to do this, but I've not figured it out. I have one workspace with dozens of completed tasks. Sometimes I need to go back and re-open one that a contractor has closed prematurely or that needs additional work. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how they are listed. Can we sort this list alphabetically or by date to make it easier to navigate?

Màxim Colls 1 year ago

We just released a new reporting tool that lets you filter tasks by many different filters. In your case, you can filter *resolved* tasks in a given workspace and order them by name.

You have more information about *Task Overview* in this help center article: https://redbooth.com/help/task-overview-reports/

Hope this helps, thanks for your feedback!


Subordinate tasks (possible drag/drop) and permissions

SprayerDepot 2 years ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

Be able to create sub tasks of subtasks and allow some "permission" controls. I have 3 contract engineers working on several projects. I do not want any of them to see information (quotes, times, SOW) for the others so instead of have ONE Network project workspace with three names, I have to have three workspaces. If there were a way to grant read/write/review/modify/full for each task list within a workspace it would be great!


"Send to Top" and "Send to Bottom" of Task List

Mark M 1 month ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

I use Redbooth for personal life and Atlassian's Jira for work. One tool I found very useful in the latter is the ability to right-click a task in a task list (what Jira calls a column) and a contextual menu appears. Specifically, they have options in the menu for easily moving a task to the top or bottom of the current task list.

Since Redbooth doesn't currently have a right-click contextual menu for tasks, I'd suggest putting the task-specific actions into an ellipses menu (similar to the one that is on the task list). Without an ellipses menu, the kanban card would start to get crowded, since you already have buttons for user assignment and setting the date. Here is a mockup of what I mean:

In Redbooth, when I add a new task to a task list, it automatically goes to the top. It would be nice to easily send it to the bottom. Today I have to click-drag to the bottom and it's time consuming, especially with longer lists.

For reference, here is what Jira's contextual menu looks like. We use the "Send to" all the time during agile backlog grooming ceremonies.

Specific Asks ("DoD"):

  • Add "Send to Top" and "Send to Bottom" functionality as available actions for a task in a task list
  • Put these actions as well as already-released actions (Assign, Set Date) in an ellipses menu to prevent crowding.

Allow user to define in their profile how task lists should be sorted

scott 2 months ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

In the workspace, the tasks are sorted via "Shared View" by default.  I prefer the "Sort by Due Date".  Every time I start Redbooth and go to the workspace, I have to change the sorting.  I would like to specify in my user profile that I want the default to be "Sort by Due Date", and have the workspaces sort that way by default for me.

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Edit task name in task lists without opening the whole task window

Niclas 7 months ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by Ryan Crosbie 7 months ago 1


I just tried Redbooth for real and compared to the hundreds of other experiences I've had with software of this kind, I'd like to suggest to add the ability to edit the name of the task in the task list either by an "edit name" icon on the task or that you simply click on the task to edit the name and have an edit icon to open the task window of the task (offering the edit of all aspects of the task) instead. One of these suggestions would avoid me having to do the extra unnecessary steg in this process of clicking on the task, move the mouse to the position of the name, click again, do the edit and enter. 

It might sound ridiculous to want such a minor change, but working with thousands of tasks results in a lot of extra clicks and more wear and tear on your body and mind.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Descriptions too pale

David Burns 10 months ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated by Ryan Crosbie 10 months ago 1

The pale grey used for the description in MyTasks is a very faint grey and when you are scanning your tasks you have to click on the task to invert the clour to view the task. having a bolder font would help.


Mark a task as being viewed..

jakob 12 months ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

Hi Redbooth.

If would be great if, when I'm viewing a task on the right side of my screen, I could see the selected task on my left side. So I easily can see which case i have selected.

Then i wouldn't spend so much time figuring out which case is selected..

Best regards Jakob


Tareas privadas o publicas por defecto en espacio de trabajo

drbelmonte 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists • updated 1 year ago 2

Estaría bien que, a nivel de workspace, se puedan establecer por defecto como se van a crear las tareas si como publicas o privadas.

Por defecto cuando importamos una lista de tareas desde un excel o mail estás se crean como tareas publicas y es poco productivo entrar de una en una a cambiar el estado a privado.

No solamente cuando se importan listas desde otro sitio, sino que, además se anula la rapidez del proceso en el que escribimos directamente sobre la tarea y pulsamos intro para crear otra rápidamente, ya que habría que entrar dentro de la tarea a cambiarla de publico a privado.

Una solución también puede ser que cuando se marquen múltiples tareas estas puedan establecerse a publicas o privadas igual que pasa con el proceso de asignar miembros o mover tareas a otros espacios.


Add Sections in Task Lists

Pablo N. 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

Allow to add sections in task lists to organize your tasks (Asana allows it)



Laura A. 1 year ago in Feature Requests / Task Lists 0

Make subtasks still appear in task list even if the main task is resolved.